Shepard Smith Reporting 6/6/2017 | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday


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Full Show: Shepard Smith Reporting 6/6/2017 | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday
Genre: News, Public Affairs
Premise: Shepard Smith has been a TV journalist since the mid-’80s and a part of FOX News Channel’s on-air team since the network launched in 1996, but it’s all about 21st-century technology on this midday show, which serves as a replacement for his long-running “Studio B” program. The hourlong show that focuses on breaking news is housed in a newly constructed studio, dubbed the FOX News Deck, that combines technology — including real-time news feeds and digital media newsgathering — and social media to bring the latest news to viewers across a number of FNC platforms.



  1. comey is a lying piece of work,he could not tell the truth ive watched him lie after lie,then you have that other moron klapper the flapper,why send him to australia to spread his lies.

  2. trump is a patriot !!!!!!!! liebraldemtards are traitors !!!!!!!comey is a long time clinton lawyer !!clintons payed comey 6mill. $$ for services rendered !!isam ovomit hired comey ass fbi director to cover clintons and his own crimes against conservative americans!!!!! jeff sesions has all comeys notes ,computers etc !!!lolol he ovomit kilery etc etc are going to jail!!!!!!!

  3. Shepard Smith is sucks this gay terrible he is allergic to President Trump! Go the hell Smith I love to see Trump tweets you guy all idiots liberal idiots!

  4. Russia Russia, so, what if they interfered in election. When is exposing satanic, criminal politician activities ever a bad thing? Rats should be exposed at every level of government but ESSPECIALLY for the highest office in the land. Regardless, show us the proof Shep or shut the hell up about it. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP … Prez!

  5. congress has forgotten they work for America. I am independent because Dems and Reps don't give a shit about our country. They are all bought and paid for. We need term limits and no retirement benefits… they are saposta being there because they want to support our country. Follow the money… if you serve in congress you get rich.

  6. Shepard and Kathryn, my ass!! You're an embarrassment. 5 minutes of Mr Trump talking about progress, and the only thing you people can report about it is his 5 second response about Mr. Comey and his tweet habits. Shame on you. This WILL spread among us, the people. The MEDIA is NOT the people!

  7. I'm starting to REALLY dislike the god damn media. Mr Trump is far from being a politically correct, but he's still making things happen on a world class scale. You media people are just people with "opinions, allegations, and assumptions" to sell advertising, make money, and express your egos. Expanding Russia my ass. I wish Mr Putin would put you people in your place.

  8. Mr Comey and the elite powers have already decided what he gets to say or not say. Political lying manipulators, no matter how you look at it. And by the way, the media needs to accept a lot of the BLAME for their NEGATIVE position in manipulating events. Drain the swamp and drain the media.

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