SHOCKING: Poachers Attack Wild Elephant in Kenya – This Wild Life – BBC


The Samburu National Reserve is home to many large elephants which are in danger of illegal poaching. As night draws near, the team grow increasingly worried about Frank, a big male tusker who’s a likely target.

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  1. It's weird that the african guy's english is far clearer to my ears than the white guy. It's like the white guy's words are the one that need the subtitle.

  2. why not flood the market with fake ivory that is indistinguishable from real? I don't know if such a thing exists but if it did it would bloat the supply to the point it was not feasible to hunt them?

  3. You can kill as many poachers as you want, but the problem will continue until the people who actually demand the tusks are caught.

  4. Why not open a sniper season? Anyone wiht a high powerd rifle on his body is a target. And you get 100 bucks for every poacher that is cought alive.

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