Should recycling be made compulsory?


Watch our full debate between Rob Lyons, the science and technology director at the Institute of Ideas, and Jonathon Bartley, the co-leader of the Green Party, on whether household recycling should be made compulsory

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  1. Why not get on the backs of the companies that actually package everything in mountains of plastic? Why are they allowed to continue and we are told we MUST sort it out?

  2. Remember when you'd give your bottles back to the milkman? Or the sack back to the grainstore? We stopped due to water wastage & for health & safety. Recycling to cut pollution uses more water & pollutes the air. Biodegradables are a countries only hope if they want to cut water wastage and pollution & keep us all from having to drink soilent green. You'l sacrifice less to go biodegradable. Don't and just wait and see what you'l sacrifice. We could all be considered vermen in a Second.

  3. Don't do it to your country. Seek decomposables not renewables, reduce not increase your laws and keep the jobs on your shores. From a girl from the late lucky country. We used to smile. Things changed so fast.

  4. It's compulsory here in Australia. Took us about 10 years to take any interest in the law but the councils gave us tickets to shows and pressys as rewards from time to time and started charging us with a couple hunj dollars when we ignored warnings long enough. Problem though is that we can't price competitively any more due to all the taxes and extra law upon law and our businesses are leaving the country. World leaders in renewable energy aren't world leaders in GDP.

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