Sky News Debate: Can Corbyn Become Labour Leader?


The Guardian’s Owen Jones & the Huffington Post’s Owen Bennett debate the Labour Party & Jeremy Corbyn



  1. i voted green last time, i would vote for corbyn next time, there we go that a vote turned round so it not all about appealing to tory voters

  2. i think he is somewhat wrong about the personality issue, id rather a compassionate prime minister that cared, then a scripted politicians with no empathy

  3. Kay Burley is a clown… Along with this Blair apologist! Labour lost 2015 election because they have too many 'career politicians' like Chukka & Chums, which lost the trust of the ordinary working man/woman. People didn't see a difference & believed the Tory media's (Sky included) scaremongering over SNP. Corbyn being introduced has shaken up that 'Westminster elite clique' in the hierarchy of Labour & it's completely stumped them! The working classes have now got the voice they've been calling for since the 2003 Iraq war. The amount of hysteria this has caused already has made politics interesting again & surely makes Labour stronger (600,000 voting members now) once it all settles down.

  4. i do not know who anybody is in this conversation but owen in the suit is one of the most smugly condescending talking heads i have seen on u tube regardless of the issues

  5. Under Tony Blair, the Labour Party lost 2 million votes.

    1992: 11 million
    1997: 13 million 
    2001: 10 million 
    2005: 9 million 

    Blair was clearly a liability while he was Prime Minister. The reason why he won such large victories was because while the public wasn't very enthusiastic about Blair, the tories looked even worse. FPTP is another reason why Labour won such large majorities. Sorry Owen Bennett, but any half decent Labour leader could've beat the Tories back in those days.

  6. Kay Burley's most unprofessional  interview to date.
    Biased with continual, in my view, inappropriate and mistimed interruptions.
    Clearly, she didn't want to allow Owen Jones to speak, and allowed 2 dreadful ad hominen attacks on OJ go UNCHECKED. It is about personalities not issues, is her clear message. I could not stay a minute in the room listening to her mindlessness.
    Even trying to put words in Owen Jones' mouth .
    The rude retort "I'll do the jokes" from the unfunnniest, most dour, concrete 'thinking' presenter in broadcasting history. It is painful to even hear her grating, condescending voice.
    Can't imagine her doing jokes…. landing a punchline. She has not got the wit, wisdom, sense of propriety and once again timing.
    Both Owen's were gentlemen, (often looking bemused and certainly not taking her seriously), being confronted by a fish wife!
    Can't we have a Katie Couric? Compare and contrast her (KC) interview with Bernie Sanders.

  7. What a nerd I cannot believe that white Rhodesians came from English stock or a good proportion did. My God pimply faced nerds , now bugger off mommy is calling.

  8. The Majority of people living in the UK are working class yet the only people that have a voice are the stinking rich the working class are just being told basically what to do .
    It is about time we had a voice in parliament what happened to the days when government was for the people not just the rich people but for a better life for the working classes our lives are just debt and work , wake up .

  9. Owen Jones is absolutely right, this has nothing to do with personality and everything to do with policies. The UK is crying out for a real left wing administration, but the electorate don't really have one to vote for. Hell, only 24% of the entire electorate actually voted for the Tories, so despite them having a minor majority, they have no mandate to enact the policies they and the Red Tories are pushing through.

    Owen B hasn't a clue about why Labour lost. They lost because of the 34% of folk who didn't vote who feel so disillusioned by the fact that most of Labour and the Tories are running on the same ideology. It's got nothing to do with how Labour appeared to lean and everything to do with how the media and New Labour are over obsessed with trying to persuade Tory voters to vote Labour rather than getting the disillusioned onboard.

  10. Never heard of Owen Bennett but he comes across as a pound shop Dan Hodges. Not a good look.  Incredible how people can steal a living like this.

  11. Actually, the left of the Labour Party did march out in a huff. Left voters went to extremist parties and spent the next 12 years vlifying and abusing Labour (the left MPs didn't leave the party, but that's beacuse the far left in the Labour Party are weak and greedy, and they know they would lose their seat in parliament if not for Labour)

    Now these leftwing morons are flooding back into Labour with the most smug, arrogant attitude claiming they speak for Labour and they are its soul

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