Sky News Debate: Divisions Within and Without Israel


Martin Stanford debates the fallout from the Israeli elections, the rise of terrorism within Pakistan and the end of Internet Explorer.

This week’s show features Maen Areikat, the Palestinian ambassador to Washington; Saman Jafri, Pakistan MQM MP; Armstrong Williams, Conservative commentator; and Jeffrey Robinson, Democrat commentator.

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  1. The Palastinians are a real inconvenience to Israel. It has seperated and divided the Palastinians, it then got all its citizens out of Gazza, impossed a blockade and then proceeded to bomb it killing over 2000 mainly women and childern, it then comes out publicly and says it will not negotiate for a Palastinian state, it ignores all UN resolutions that are passed against it, and we call it a friend of the west. I wonder if it's because we have shared values?

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