Sky News Debate: Has The Bible Belt Bust?


Martin Stanford discusses whether conservative Christians should fight for religious liberty, or embrace an increasingly liberal nation. Plus what foreign policy legacy will President Obama leave behind?

Dr Phillip Bethancourt, from the Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission.
Dr James D Boys, author and US historian.
Armstrong Williams, Conservative Commentator.
Jeffrey Robinson, Democrat Commentator.

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  1. Mr. Robinson acted as though he was going to have a stroke. I enjoy how Mr. Williams kept a cool head, answered the questions respectively… What was that ol' saying how the dog that gets kicked the hardest yelps the loudest. Way-to-go Mr. Williams, in the end, we win!  GOD's giving them enough rope to get saved or hang themselves, free will…

  2. The bible belt is a cancer. It's the epicenter of poor education, anti-intellectualism, poor health and poverty. The land of all morondom.

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