Sky News Debate: Should The UK Ban Pick-Up Artist?


US self-styled pick-up artist Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V, has come under fire after suggesting in blog posts that rape should be legalised so long as it’s done on private property, and that men should date a woman with an eating disorder.

It comes as Valizadeh cancelled a controversial series of events in the UK, claiming he could not guarantee the safety of those wanting to attend. But should the 36-year-old American be banned from entering the UK as a result of his opinions and actions?


Kate Smurthwaite, British stand-up comedian and political activist
Ella Whelan, staff writer at Spiked

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  1. I honestly don't believe for one second that Kate has any interest in mens rights unless it benefits her somehow. She's knowingly lying about there being any prospect of 'legalising rape' in order to censor people she doesn't like.

    I don't like Roosh – because I've listened to him and I disagree with him.

  2. The non-comdian, is a fool. She needs to see things from every one's point of vue not just her and the people she knows. I mean attackeing working class women, when rape and dv happens to any type of women and if she had came out of her world then she would no this. Their are a lot of followers following this men, and rape in college and universtay is something that according to the states has been rising, so people do agree with this monster. They need to teach men how to respect themself and those around them. and be real not messing around with this. Also men arnt second class citizens, but need to learn that they have a place in sociaty, working as partnears, family men, or as a person being their for others, just like women. I just find this whole thing sad that some men feel they need to dominate and distroy jsut to feel like men its sad.

  3. What amazes me is the fact that islam is a patriarchal system that practices what Roosh V is saying yet horrible feminist hags like this comedian never ever EVER EVER mention it or say that muslims or islam should be banned from the UK!! But they wont stop yelling and protesting about small no-bodys like Roosh V or Julian Blanc.

    All feminists are HORRIBLE HYPOCRITES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All feminists should be loaded in to a boat and deported to Somalia or Afganistan !! Obviously that is where feminists are needed.

  4. Why have Feminists not come out about Terroristic Threats to the UK and instead want to go after a guy hitting on women. It is weird. The real reason is that they know they have PC Support to attack Straight White Men, which is so weirdly-odd it is baffling, but don't have the support to say anything against Islam, as they know they will be gone after! Women are risk-adverse and go after soft easy targets.

  5. Ella Whelan is right, this is about free speech – but Kate Smurthwaite will barely let her get a word in edgeways !

    Rape is not about to be legalised by anybody – even Roosh (who I don't agree with on most matters) doesn't think this, he is making a comment on how men can be found guilty of rape when BOTH parties are inebriated, that a woman can claim rape based on regret and the feminists say such a woman must always be believed.

    Basically in sexual relations men are now 2nd class citizens whose role is to always be in the wrong if there is any disagreement.

  6. Haha this was fun to watch. Ella is amazing! Now that's what I call a strong independent woman. Try telling her she's a victim and see what happens. More women like her need to stand up to lunatics like this.

  7. The UK should ban feminism. Feminism is an ideology that promotes the hatred of men. Feminism does not seek equality. It seeks domination. And one of its goals is to destroy the family unit.

  8. Roosh isn't an MRA and Kate knows that, what an obnoxious liar. He's a "pick up artist"; PUA's and MRA's have little to nothing in common. Kate's willfully misrepresenting him as an MRA to slur Men's Rights activists by saying: look!, MRA's advocate [insert odious PUA philosophy here].

    Ella was awesome on Big Questions and she's awesome here.

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