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The American University of Beirut (AUB) was founded a century and a half ago and is the oldest university in Lebanon.

It was established in December 1866 as the Syrian Protestant College. Since then, almost 65,000 students from around a hundred countries have graduated from AUB. This year, some 8,000 Arab men and women will study there.

This film explores AUB, one of the leading academic institutions in the Middle East, and some of the ways its history has been interwoven with that of Lebanon itself.

We explore the history of the American University of Beirut and whether it has played a role in US interests in Lebanon and the Middle East since its founding nearly 150 years ago.

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  1. A better title would have been "History of AUB".

    Seriously, I thought this program was about the U.S soft power and the MIDDLE EAST. Even if the program maker's thought they could cover that by only talking about American higher education institutions, this means that there are two other very major ones; the Lebanese American University and the American University in Cairo, both of which were ignored in this episode.

  2. Are you guys THAT biased as to honestly believe "those responsible"… for the assassination of Kerr and the explosion at AUB "are currently unknown".

    SERIOUSLY!? If you want to know who killed kerr or blew up a campus, look no further than at those who had as an official state policy targeted Kerr and people like them, by the thousands, over the years.

    It *isnt* *unknown*. Everyone knows.

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