Somalia: The Forgotten Story – Al Jazeera World


The story of Somalia’s decline from stability to chaos and the problems facing its people at home and abroad.

Correction: A previous version of this film had an incorrect translation for the interview with Mukhtar Robow at 21:52. It has been amended.

Correction: At 7:15 Sheikh Mukhtar Mohamed Hussein is misidentified as the Prime Minister of Somalia. He was, in fact, Speaker of the Somali Parliament.



  1. I am South African, as an African I really appreciate when such documentaries try an reveal the Africa we as Africans know and not the bad side that is displayed internationally.

  2. I am putting this on my LIVE at facebook page, Fab Faith Fashions. I dedicate my time and efforts to show others this great culture that hasnt even tapped the spot light. I volunteered at the somali museum in minneapolis and its like my second home. I never get tired of hearing the history and stories about the somali people.

  3. listen we do not want Somalia to succeed we do not want Somalia to be independent and free and successful country because Somalis still practice FGM and female circumcision. somalis still do the female sunnah and khitnah. so this is a very backwards and very primitive Country plus they do witchcraft and sorcery. istagfurulah!

  4. Kenya invaded Somalia after the growth of Piracy of Vessels destined for Kenya then the invasion of the Al shaabab to the Kenyan Coasts n kidnapped tourists, bombing Kenyan establishments,

  5. I came back to Somalia 2007 July , what i have seen is different , may be the fisher men faced a problems and the illegal fishing is existing but the see piracy was different they were not a fisher men . Mostly they were gang's and the situation get worst so that , even the United nation staff were surviving at that time , to fulfill their job .

  6. Met a few Somali brothers at my university in Pakistan. They introduced me to the beautiful culture of Somalia, one with much to offer to the world. Inshallah, Somalia will rise again. Wa’salaam.

  7. Qadaad wayneey inaguu waynu isla garanaynaaye haku fanina videoga lagasoo dubay berbera iyo laasgeel iyo khariirada guud
    Maaha somalia
    waa somaliland

    Inta foosha xunlaa somalia lagasoo duubay kkkkkkkkkk

    doqmo doqmo dhaleen
    wada ilma af wayne xamar ku faana
    Bakh yahay


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