Somalia’s Crackdown On Female Genital Mutilation


The First Lady of Puntland in Somalia is leading a campaign to outlaw female genital mutilation. The procedure is unnecessary, can cause painful health problems throughout a woman’s life, and is carried out on girls as young as seven years old:

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  1. all female and male circumcision is 100% rape FGM and female circumcision is rape so is male circumcision and MGM this has to stop rape rape rape rape this is rape rape this needs to be reported rape!

  2. Somali Muslim Somali Islam is a cult it is not religion which is why I left Somali Islam I'm no longer a Somali Muslim I am a Muslim that is just a Muslim period.

  3. I was in psichiatry for two months because I was walkin in capital of Bosnia and Hercegovina and was telling to people it is not ok to cut skin from male penises but now I know it is ok and once I told it is like women dont have skin on clitoris but now I know it is not the same thing and I wouldnt like someone doing that.

  4. These are some really good news and all but what about boy's mutilation, is there any plans on banning that as well or is that already illegal?

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