South Korea focuses on clean energy


South Korea is refocusing its energy sector and moving away from nuclear power towards natural gas and renewables.
But the transition to a low-carbon economy will need a significant investment.
Al Jazeera’s Craig Leeson reports from Jeju, South Korea.

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  1. There really is no better way of destroying any prospects of protecting the climate than shutting down nuclear plants. Just look at German CO2-emissions after 2011 or at Japanese CO2-emissions during the period of time after 2011 when no nuclear plants were operating in Japan.

  2. Oh, so the Bankster / Oil Barons bought another politician, pushing their fossil energy hegemony energy, greenwashed with tidbits of scam renewable energy. Just as they foisted their stooges Macron & Hollande on France to replace their 90% clean energy (78% nuclear, 12% hydro) electricity supply, 7X cleaner than renewable promoter Germany. Renewable Germany with the highest electricity prices in Europe and the highest emissions per kwh produced. I wonder if Bankster stooge Macron spends $120k per year on his hair like his mentor Hollande.

    Renewable energy is NOT a viable replacement for fossil fuel. After spending over $2 trillion on wind & solar, total Solar & Wind is now up to 0.7% of World Energy supply, and world population & energy demand in developing nations growing rapidly. Total world energy consumption increasing about 1% each year. And most of the installed base will have to be replaced in 10-15 yrs avg. Hydro & Geothermal can be practical but are severely limited by geography. Main viable renewable is Hydro and it is eco-destructive on a massive scale. #2 renewable Biomass is even more eco-destructive & also polluting, as bad as coal.

    The EROI (Energy Return on Invested) for the Solar and Wind is far below what is needed for a viable fossil replacement. You need an EROI of 14:1 to sustain a modern civilization. Solar has an EROI of close to 1:1, that's without storage. And it needs storage. With the unavoidable storage Wind has an EROI of 3.9:1. Not even close to viable an alternative to fossil. In fact wind & solar are guarantors of a Fossil future. Which is why Big Oil endlessly promotes them. Learn about EROI: Go to EnergySkeptic & read "Tilting at Windmills, Spain’s disastrous attempt to replace fossil fuels with Solar PV, Part 1" and Part 2.

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