Special Report | How dangerous dogs are dealt with in the UK


The Metropolitan Police will destroy around 300 illegal dogs seized by its Status Dog Unit this year.

The SDU is a team of officers that deal exclusively with dangerous dogs.

Most of the animals are pit bull terriers that cannot be returned to their owners or rehomed.

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  1. These poor doggos :(, I am crying here….so sad. EVIL OWNERS SHOULD BE PUNISHED. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO CRUEL. These doggos are so sweet. 🙁

  2. It also blows my mind how nice they are to the dogs who aren't pit bulls, but the ones who are barely get a second look. How disgusting. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe put focus on some of the other breeds like Rottweilers or German Shepard's who have killed people as well. The ones who have more body and jaw strength than pit bulls. Those who think otherwise are completely uneducated.

  3. What the hell thats not fair at all it's not the dogs it's the owners!! Any dog can be aggressive or dangerous! A Chihuahua could be more dangerous then a German shepherd or a Kendal this just ain't right🙄

  4. Why can't the UK demand that all pitbulls get mandatory obedience training. Insuring a violent dog is stupid. All of them should spayed and neutered. Doesn't matter if it's a Staffie or not. Shutting down breeding hormones will reduce violent behavior. I have Pitbull in the U.S. and advocate for the breed. But I think it's extremely important to fix a dogs breeding behavior. Banning a dog because it's a pitbull is stupid.

  5. Why is that weird cutler family smiling and laughing while they talk about how bad the face of her little daughter looked after she got mauled by a dog??? them people are creepy…

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