Special report – Manchester bombing: The IS connection


A Sky News investigation has linked Salman Abedi – the man behind the Manchester terror attack – with a terror cell in south Manchester. Sky Correspondent Nick Martin reports.

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  1. The most "detailed information " are the words chosen that we have on the presented terrorist in question for evidence but still were not able to prevent such a catastrophe of a hideous nature on innocent people i some how don't believe that in all honesty being the most surveillanced countries capital that we don't have any convincing images contradiction on the states behalf.

  2. So they have a lot of names on paper of those who have British passports left to fight Isis and then likely return to the UK. No one has entered there names into a system that when they come back to the UK there name will flash up on computer systems via there passport.

  3. Omg police set up the London Bridge attack and Theresa may is behind it!!! I can't believe people R so blind she did this so she can win the election by saying she can get nuclear bombs and wht not to save the people in this country

  4. How can isis call themselves muslims after killing innocents as well as just killing people generally wtf has this world come to.

  5. Security forces in Muslim countries which are in constant battle with ISIS claim that Twitter and Facebook are used to encourage and recruit all sorts of crimes including terrorism, why is the law in Western countries allowing this to happen in the first place?!

  6. The true saints or followers of Christ knows pretty well what's going on because they are spiritualy awakening. Only the blind are shocked including politicians.
    The endtime is truly here

  7. Y wasn't the firefighters allowed in area for 90 minutes after attack. Y isn't their proper cctv evidence showing attack as UK is the most watched country in the world. Out of all the phones in the arena that night (20,000) they keep showing the 3 same videos. Y they have a picture of a girl who died four years ago, as a victim. There's so much more to add. I know ppl have been killed but please do ur own research. Don't believe the media!!!!!!!!

  8. at one place some Muslim explode bombs and kill English ppl. and on other hand Sikhs come out to help to the ppl by providing taxi service ,food and madical facility. hail Sikhs.

  9. I don't think people realise that these Muslims are brainwashed into thinking that if they blow themselvs up they will go to heaven. they are retards for believing that and because of it, me as a Muslim gets called a terrorist

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