Special Report: United we fall


When 69 year old David Dao was pulled kicking and screaming from his seat on a United Airlines flight nobody could have predicted the consequences for the company.

It has suffered the most humiliating few days in its history with an initially bullish chief executive eventually making a grovelling apology, millions wiped off the share value and ridicule on social media.

Sky’s Senior Correspondent David Bowden has this special report.

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  1. face challenges head on – into the arm rest via rentacops
    feel our commitment – and keep feeling it, and the medical bills for weeks to come! oh and to wash it off your clothes, might need to soak those blood stains!
    more than an airline – also a mafia i guess lol

  2. assault and battery – excessive force – slander – defamation of character –
    undue emotional distress – pain and suffering – mental anguish –
    medical costs, and all future medical costs for the remainder of his life…

  3. That man was one of US! United's sweet words are forever drowned out by that man's screams!!!! United Airlines has shamed America! They have disgraced our Country!!!!! — Bob

  4. The private sector is ALWAYS supposed to do a better job. This is a clear example of this mantra NOT being true all of the time. This is cold BRUTALITY to a human being– a PAYING customer!

  5. The only way I would ever fly United again is if Dr. David Dao is the owner. How long are we the customers, the reason this company is in business, going to allow this treatment to continue. If we the pubic doesn't take a stand this will become a daily habit. The only way to get these companies to hear is financially. Stop using their service.

  6. Speak with your WALET, that's the only language they understand. I WILL NOT fly United airlines , even if they give me free ticket around the world. There is somethings to be said about my dignity, and worth as a human being. We are not cattle of animals pushed into their plane and packed like sardine. I WILL NEVER EVER fly UNITED airlines.

  7. why hasn't airtravel evolve? airplanes are the dinosaurs of the travel industry, trains, cars and ships have evolve and modernized, planes have too, but at a snail pace.

  8. Not only he's 69 yrs old he's also a Doctor . A Doctor in our country is very respectable because of his attainment .How can he be handled like that?

  9. "Picked at random"? My foot! That's what United said. The doctor was the ONLY Asian on board. How random was that?! Obviously they were picking people whom they thought would be the easiest to intimidate!

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