Special Report With Bret Baier 6/1/2017 | Fox News Today June 1,2017 Thursday


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Full Show: Special Report With Bret Baier 6/1/2017 | Fox News Today June 1,2017 Thursday
Genre: Talk, News
Premise: Former Fox News chief White House correspondent Bret Baier hosts this live weeknight newscast that places an emphasis on political stories from Washington, D.C.



  1. Congrats to President Trump, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and all that supported closing this hole of wasteful, corrupt money funneling, and mechanism of frauding the USA taxpayers for corrupt special interests. Now if all were honest… a real Environmental policy could be created to benefit our Earth. Only bad thing is Elon Musk needs to be taken care of… he is the only one that can get us all to another planet safe, after all the corrupt greedy psychopathic leaders, along with their sick minions, destroy life on earth as we know it. Elon Musk and his companies personnel are our best Environmental policy to date. Make Elon and Co. happy with my taxes. DRAIN THE SWAMP! AND KEEP DRAINING IT! AND THEN DRAIN IT SOME MORE.

  2. Very refreshing to have a President that has qualified professionals performing their responsibilities and executive decisions standing behind them… genuine democracy in motion as intended by our Constitution. This is the first time in my life of 60 years that I have witnessed my vote count. Amazing! Thank God! Never thought I would see this!

  3. yeah no shit enough is enough drag your whining self pitying ass into limbo where it belongs christ how coupld the Democrats been so stupid as to use this bitch as a canidate could not win if she was the only one running! 5000 illigel voters in Virgina check all st6ates take the popular vote away from this idiot!

  4. Never mind asking send special appointted sheriff's to bring in these rogue agents slam them into a cell for contempt take that Shiff traitor put him in a cell give him a trial in 6 months

  5. And we have some limp-wristed, fondue-dipping surrender monkey EU frog telling us that axing the 'accords' will somehow be bad for the US. They must have been counting the
    US money already. This is terrific. Another one of ol' flap-ears' stinking droppings gets flushed.


  7. ►John ‘Lurch’ Kerry’s stunt in Paris had the rock eunuch James Taylor on stage with him singing the wimpy “You’ve Got A Friend.” That graphically showed how Kerry is always a clumsy bumbler.

  8. ►Hillary Capone blames her inept loss on everybody but the hag in her mirror. She ignores her scandals: illegal computer, destroying 30,000 emails/devices, Clinton Foundation, Uranium/Russians, Lynch/Billy Boy/tarmac, Ben Ghazi, etc. Now she’s blaming sexism (despite rabid feminists’ adoration).

  9. Whiny lying left —without CA Hillary would not have gotten the "popular vote"  the rest of America wants Trump and he is fulfilling his promises….whiney lying left.

  10. I LOVE President Trump and his pro-America mindset!!!!! NO MORE HAND-OUTS to Socialist nations who've taken advantage of us for FAR TOO LONG!!! Even while CHINA & INDIA (SMOG QUEENS) are under NO obligation to CLEAN UP THEIR SMOG-FILLED, FILTHY AIR.

  11. To hear John Kerry speak of Pres. Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord makes me want to puke. Just think of the Iran nuclear deal Obama & Kerry got into so blindly. Where did it get the US????? Nowhere. Iran double crossed us. Obama sent a lot of money to Iran for what????? to finance terrorism. So lay off our Pres. Trump & watch how a true leader leads on behalf of the U.S.

  12. What has John Kerry ever accomplished other than marrying the wealthy widow of the Heinz Ketchup empire? Kerry failed in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Libya, North Korea , China and the list goes on. He accomplished nothing.

  13. This whole affair – ROBERT MUELLER – et al – ALL OF IT – is just a 'scheme' to tie the PRESIDENT by the hands and feet and
    PREVENT HIM from attending to his agenda. There's no real evidence for any of it. Every time I think of Comey's 'Hillary"
    episodes, when I look at her "face" – when she OBVIOUSLY BROKE THE LAW, – I'm outraged, horrified and nauseated

  14. THE PRESIDENT did not TELL Comey not to prosecute Flynne – he simply ASKED him if he could just let it go. Furthermore, Comey was ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to take his report of the incident to the ATTORNEY GENERAL. which he failed to do.
    You cannot go around PROSECUTING people – anyone – based on a scribbled note! As usual, he didn't follow procedure.
    I won't even go into the TWO "Hillary fiascos". Good Riddance!

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