Strangled by a Boa Constrictor – Deadly 60 – Series 2 – BBC


Steve Backshall risks being strangled by a Boa Constrictor snake as he demonstrates their lethal killing technique – on himself! Incredible clip from Deadly 60 series 2.

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  1. Dude thinks hes getting choked while hes choking the snake. The snakes lips should not be like that, he is holding to tight. If the snake had any options, it would slither away.

  2. the last fella did this on his own using a selfie rod. his body was never found, and the footage was secured by the grieving family so a video copy of the sad strangulation by snake is nowhere to be found on the net unfortunately. true story.

  3. I had 2 boas big 12 ish ft never bit or struck out before she was gravid my dad put his hand in the viv before and it bit 4 of his fingers she was protecting her eggs after you could get them out loved the dogs my 4year old cousin held them but in the end a chicken wasn't filling them up so I sold them and they went to a zoo only wanted £200 for them as it was a coustom tank best snake apart from retic or Burmese pythons love them didn't like the cat tho

  4. Boa constrictors actually stop the hart of its prey people thought that it stopped it prey by suffocating it but the noticed that it's prey was dying to fast

  5. I don't think that the boa constrictor is throttling him at all. It just cannot get any purchase on his clothes, so gripping around something that's thin like his neck, legs or arms make sense: they would be doing the same to a branch when climbing. It will also be holding tighter, as it is trying to pull its head away from his hands.

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