Stunning Moonlight Time-lapse – The power of darkness – Unexpected Wilderness – BBC


Robert MacFarlane considers the proliferation of neon light in our cities, before admiring the moonlight and the coast at Jaywick sands in Essex at night. Amazing HD clip from BBC Two’s Unexpected Wilderness.

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  1. I went to Egypt, and I went to the desert at night and nothing compares to that. We went during comet season as-well and we all got to see comets every 10 seconds, it was amazing!

  2. …you seem like you really like your idea!
    Highway lighting is a public safety issue, so take that into consideration. As well, it's not just the lights being off when no one's there, it's that we use the illumination to see where we will be going (or not going). And an immediate savings can already be had by switching from sodium halide lamps–or whatever–to LED lighting like CalTrans is doing on the highways (er, in California).
    The LEDs look really great as well as saving megawatts!

  3. a) It'd come from the saving of power and cost of not having to light an entire city for no reason. b) The savings of cost of replacing lights as they'd be off most of the time. c) Do cars need street lights? Never understood why highways have lights.. also, do people even need them? The sensors would be calibrated to detect oncoming traffic and a small field of view behind it for people. The traffic sensor would be extremely easy and cheap as you'd simply optically sense bright headlights.

  4. Very nice. The initial time sequence shows a corona around the moon (a diffraction effect) and then from about 0:12-:016 there is an ice crystal halo that is visible with a larger diameter.

  5. I love liberty and capitalism. But boy do I hate orange skies. Newcastle is a lot better than somewhere like Hull, because despite what people may say we aren't as industrial.

  6. Infra-red motion/heat sensors on every street light. Lights only need to be on where there's someone there. Plus it'd be easy to track criminals as the lights would lead the way.

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