Sucking Superfood from the Ocean – Wild Japan – BBC


Farmers in Japan have come up with an clever way of extracting nutritious seaweed from the ocean floor.

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  1. Michelle Dockery's voice sounds like melted butter, wrapped into caramel, dipped into fudge, covered into luxurious chocolate. If there is ever a Planet Earth III I hope she narrates it. I'll listen to a play by play of cabbage growing if narrated by that voice!

  2. 4th but who cares !!

    Ugh Japan is SOO sneaky
    I don't really like their actions

    They kill whales

    Please check out sea shepherd channel

    Think of the wildlife that depend on this seaweed !
    This is like cutting trees down

    Taking away a food source will also have a huge impact on species and the food chain

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