Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 6/4/2017 | Fox News Today June 4,2017 Sunday


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Full Show: Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 6/4/2017 | Fox News Today June 4,2017 Sunday
Genre: Bus./financial
Premise: As part of her role as FOX Business Network’s global markets editor, business journalist Maria Bartiromo hosts this weekly Sunday morning show on FBN sister network FOX News Channel that focuses more on the general economy than the stock market specifically. The hourlong show provides viewers with information about how recent news events affect the economy. In addition, Bartiromo interviews business leaders and newsmakers on topics that include job creation and investment opportunities.



  1. Political correctness leaders are getting all their citizens murder by terrorist & yet they tell you need to tolerate extremism. Those who continue to vote for these leaders are just waiting for their own suicide kill by these terrorist welcome & tolerate by your leaders. No one will pity you if you were murder by terrorist b/c you bring it upon yourselves.

    Thank God for 45th President who has been wise & forward thinking. He is trying very hard to keep American safe.

    Just can't stand the leftish keep afraid to call the radical Islamist terrorist & be vigilant. It makes my blood boiling listening to the left. Stupid woman. I think they don't feel the threat until they face it themselves.

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  3. This show was so refreshing; I just get so fed up with president-bashing that I don't know what anyone's point is because it's the trend to bash Trump. Great show. Nice to see Huckabee. He says it like it is.

  4. Wow,,,,,,,w oooooooo,………Miss T. May,,,,,,,,,,,,your scary words mean nothing……..go hide behind your wall and watch your citizens die because you let the mosquitos in because your a stupid liberal. blood is on your head…………a muslim mayor ??? you brits are pissing on an electric fence

  5. I'm sorry to say this but Maria is out of her element, when it comes to connecting the dots, on the Muslim Brotherhood, and how Obama was working hand and hand with them, for the last 8 years.

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  7. My friend told me they arrested a muslim on Friday that was following a school bus in the states, I haven't seen anything on the news yet. He told me they think one of the next targets will be an American hospital or an old age home.

  8. democrats and the left want to tear down America  to consolidate  power and money.  Obama and his actions  seem to have an anti American goal of globalism  and it is appearing in other countries.

  9. political correctness is a toxic weapon  mutual respect is great but when  actions undermine American values and identity   and vilifies American pride  we need to step into it   American identity  and heritage is primary  if  foreigners do not want to blend  and become part of America then we need to rethink their compatibility with American ideals.

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  11. This lying leftist witch is comparing being blindsided by 9-11 and repeated terror attack after terror attack with beheadings in the crowded London street in broad daylight. She is a radical leftist. Too bad there are Americans that are highly indoctrinated to believe false reporting like that. Meant to diminish our brave Politically INcorrect President's great efforts at trying to protect his infidel citizens from these 7th century savages. She is in favor of the radical activist judges obstruction of our ban, no doubt.

  12. what is she talking about. there is a travesty and yet it's still take down President Trump. oh, he said some thing inappropriate? well let's concentrate on that not the problem of terrorism. I know our President is wonderful, but he is not Jesus Christ. and is allowed some slack, maybe just once. omg people, look what Obama,Hillary, Soros, the whole Democratic party and some republicans have allowed to happen to our country. you make me sick.

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