Talk to Al Jazeera – Fatou Bensouda: South Africa ‘had to arrest Omar al-Bashir’


When Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir attended a summit in South Africa in June 2015, he manged to leave the country – despite a high court order banning him from leaving because of an outstanding warrant for his arrest on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
The South African government did not stop Bashir from leaving and the incident is considered by many as a major setback to the cause of international justice.

The warrant had been issued by Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court talks to Al Jazeera about Sudan’s president escaping justice in South Africa, alleged war crimes in Palestine and Israel, and responds to those who challenge the credibility of the court.



  1. The UN doesn't get off the hook either, they can also pursuant to Statute, refer cases to the ICC, they have not done so in cases such as, Israel. US, UK, Germany, France e.t.c.

    I wonder who would refer the UN to the ICC, they are complicit in Muammar Gadaffi's murder.

  2. there is no reason to blame the icc, its high time for we the Africans to protect our leaders just saw an example this woman is a puppet they fixed her there to get rid of african leaders that are trying to wake africans up this is a woman is a disgrace to black society

  3. that's the main reason why African states are reluctact to elect weman to be head of states, in South Africa I will quite voting if the the ANC select a woman to rule us.

  4. The interview was supposed to be about Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir, but I cannot help notice that Al Jazeera's man is more interested in the Palestinian's allegation against Israel in their last war with Hamas terrorists who among other things used civilians as human shield. The report into the allegations seemed to exonerate the terrorists from any wrong doing, siting the size of Palestine as the reason for Hamas's failure to place rocket sites away from populated areas including schools, homes and hospitals. This line of reasoning is pathetic; it sends the wrong message to terrorists around the globe. It is a ludicrous. Hamas fires thousands of rockets to Israel with impunity only to earn the support of the UN's investigators. The investigators chose to IGNORE the lengths Israel's IDF went to minimise civilian casualties including letting Hamas terrorists walk free because of possible high civilian casualties. Instead of applauding Israel, Israel is, once again, blamed for Hamas' deliberate choice of rocket launch sites and their will to sacrifice Palestinian civilians for their cause. Will the UN and Al Jazeera reporters, please go to ISIS held territories, Iraq and Syria to investigate allegations of war crimes including that which is attributed to coalition bombings? Hypocrites!! ! Palestinian official: PA will never recognize Israel as Jewish state. For those of you who do not know, Israel is fighting for its existence. Every nation and peoples have a God-given right to exist. Anyone with conscience will back Israel in their fight against terrorism.

  5. It is clear that ICC is a tool that was set to hunt for African leaders and the African staffs of ICC are puppets who are after small bread given to them by the Western. Madam go back to Gambia, u will get a clean bread there.

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