Talk to Al Jazeera – Hassan al-Thawadi: ‘A clear bias’ against Qatar


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The man in charge of Qatar World Cup 2022 discusses allegations of FIFA bidding corruption and poor labour conditions.

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  1. laughing at all these Americans thinking they are angels who have been handing out chocolate for the last century when in reality they have been invading country after country.

  2. lol look at all these jealous haters in comment section. No matter how many lies about sponsoring terror and worker abuse you come up with regarding Qatar it is growing and prosperous nation. Suck on that.

  3. Haha Qatar is one of the few Arab country standing up against the hypocrisy and double standards of the West. They're targeted because they refuse to be puppets for the war mongers (US and Israel). HAMAS are terrorists? Yet Israel constantly bombards Palestine and destroying their homes, confiscates land, sexually abuses Palestinian, on top of many things. When Qatar is being hated for making something for themselves and standing up against injustice, there will be criticism because the West can't stand it when an Arab country tries to make something of themselves they need the region to continuously be unstable to profit.

  4. There is over whelming evidence the massive human rights abuses on imported manual labour workers into Qatar and other Gulf states. Everything they say is just manipulative public relations dribble. These imported slaves from the sub-continent degraded like no tomorrow and so weak and worn out to do anything.

  5. the logic of aljazeera when it comes to Qata invite the pro, when it come to Muslim in west invite the critics(not that they are wellwhishers but to give the impression that aljazeera is somehow a progressive news outlets).

  6. Qatar is a satellite of the autocratic Saudi regime and a major funder of international terrorism, yet for all the regional destruction it's caused it receives precisely zero criticism — so, I'd put a stop to this embarrassing whingefest AJ.

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