Talk to Al Jazeera – Joko Widodo: ‘A strong message to drug smugglers’


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The president of Indonesia shares his views on the country’s drug problem, capital punishment, religion and the economy.

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  1. The reporter concerned may have linked with Australia. The suffering of the drug 4.5 millions drug addicts and their families are enormous. I suggest she talk to the drug addicts and their family members first before reporting the claim that Indonesian angering the international community. Human rights here is applied using double standards too. Western world has been using this to pressure the 3rd world.

  2. He is The Mahathir of Indonesia. Once before in Malaysia, Tun Mahathir declare war on drug and make it the 1st enemy to country with slogan "Dadah musuh No. 1 Negara". Good luck to Jokowi.

  3. death penalty for drug dealer has been execute in malaysia & Singapore since more than 20 years ago. pak jokowi made the best decision. we don't have to care about those human right activist who against about our law. we want the best for our country and future.

  4. do it what u think is good for your citizen never mind other countries they are stupid. dont compare us to your country we have our president unite asian countries help its other.

  5. If you want to discuss and get a better view about death penalty against drug offenders, it is better to discuss it with a non-drug user. Otherwise no fruitful conversation would come out. It is like talking to a stone. If all citizens of indonesia and philippines become drug dependents then what vote do you expect in enforcing death penalty.

  6. The lady looks like an addict. You know what, in europe and united states, drug use is just like a regular daily normal thing to do. No wonder why they do not agree on death penalty. It is safe to presume that normally media persons use drugs in view of their busy schedules. This is why most media attack those who would attack drug users harshly.

  7. I like drugs and all but I dont feel bad for anyone who is caught smuggling drugs from Indonesia. They know the penalty is death and they made their own choice to smuggle the drugs.

  8. Even as a westerner I agree with this president. He is saying he will not just turn a blind eye to foreigners and only punish his own people. If he did that foreigners would just hide behind the fact that they are foreigners to get away with their crimes (like they are trying to now). He is punishing all equal. You can tell by how many foreigners where caught up in this that they are used to getting away with it and they thought this president would let them off too, there is a reason they wont do this in their own countries. Its awful really.
     I agree, the death penalty is harsh, but the next time a foreigner thinks of setting up shop there they will have to weigh their options on whether it is worth their lives. Less and less people will do it. You can tell he visits these rehab centers often and truly sees things for what they are and is not blinded by money or foreigners throwing their weight around. Foreigners should be ashamed that these people leaked out and are hurting another society (this is how I feel at least), not sympathetic and making excuses for their horrid behavior. Bad people are bad people, no matter what county they are from.

  9. Saya setuju dengan semua Joko Widodo mengatakan kecuali satu hal, semua orang tahu bahwa sebagian besar narkoba yang diproduksi di dalam negeri, mereka bahkan diproduksi di dalam penjara juga. Penyelundup adalah minoritas kerajaan obat Indonesia.
    We have to fight narkoba production

  10. Well if you are tourist from any country who wants to enjoy Bali's sun, you are very welcomed. Indonesian really like talking to foreigner. But we told you before that we have death penalty if you bring a lot of drugs, so why did you came in the first place? we don't want you to die even you are a drug dealer, but you choose to came here and letting our government to give you the scary death penalty. I feel bad for that people who died. Maybe Jokowi cannot said that he also feels bad, because law sometime doesn't meet our heart. Because sometime we can see what law really mean in the bigger picture that we cannot see

  11. suruh siapa dtng ke indonesia dan mengedarkan narkoba di indonesia, hukum di indonesia sdah dr jman dlu jd jngan slahkan negara indonesia hukum ya hukum harus d tengakkan klau tdk akan makin parah negri ini, yg rugi kan negara indonesia, bagi org asing aku tak peduli penduli pendapat klian tentang presiden indonesia krna gk ada gunanya jg. sehat slalu pak jngan pikirkan org2 bodoh apalagi wni yg bilang malu krna bpk bicara pakai bahasa nenek moyang kita..

  12. 10 tahun sby gak kerja.semuanya mangkrak jd sampah.dan bpk jokowi yg membenahi sampah sampah itu satu persatu….
    sehat selalu bpk presiden jokowi.we love u……

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