Talk to Al Jazeera – Maite Nkoana-Mashabane: ANC at a crossroads


The African National Congress (ANC) has been the dominant party in South Africa since the end of apartheid.

It took power in 1994 with Nelson Mandela as president of what became known as “the rainbow nation.”
But in recent years, the ANC and some of its top leaders have struggled to bring South Africans together.

President Jacob Zuma, who came to power in 1999, is facing hundreds of allegations of corruption. A recent ruling by the country’s highest court said he violated the constitution when he used government money to renovate his private residence.

The ANC has also faced harsh words from the opposition, the Democratic Alliance and from the Economic Freedom Fighters party (EFF).

The ANC is now at a crossroads.

Many say the party of liberation hasn’t delivered on its promise to lift millions of South Africans out of poverty. And the continuing allegations of corruption are hurting the country’s once vibrant economy.

So, what does the future hold for the ANC?

A fierce defender of President Zuma and his party, member of parliament and foreign minister of South Africa, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, talks to Al Jazeera.

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  1. This is purely the working of a brain exposed through a hole in the head!!! You have to excuse her, she mentioned her disability even before she began answering questions…

  2. apartheid was evil, no doubt. we respect your biography mrs nkoana-mashabane. still, we need capable, fit and competent people in charge. if you have trauma, depression or you bear a grudge, let someone else do the job and give yourself some time to rest and heal the mind.

  3. What a TOTAL IMBECILE. This young girl needs to go back to primary school before she represents SA abroad. You have more a 'hole in your head', girl, you also have a MAJOR CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDERS. What utter claptrap from the VILLAGE IDIOT.

  4. Carrying water does not improve your social skills neither will it increase your IQ. This minister is the living proof of that statement. All you get is a whole in the head.

  5. she keeps blaiming apartheid while that was 30+ years ago,and she keeps blabering around the question,she claim the youth is on her party's side,and when an young man dared to critisize her she claims he is not probably 18,and that he some how probably is an member of the other poltical party,wath an disgrace

  6. She needs to be recalled, what a useless minister. cadre deployment is killing us. To the world that will watch this video, not all of us are like this. what a bad represented of the country, this makes me wonder if this is how she is in important meetings with world leaders?? She takes offence when the journalist calls Zuma, Jacob Zuma but she calls Mandela, Mandela?

  7. she cant answer questions and debate. keeps.talking about things that have have no point . how do you arrive at solutions without understanding . when I look at some clips. I wonder how do we trust the elected to run our country. its a mockery

  8. all she does is bulldoze and offer no reasonable answers to direct questions. at which point do we stop using apparthied as a distraction from being accoutable.

  9. How can she say Trevor Manuel was appointed because of the colour of his skin? He was the most competent and most respected finance minister South Africa has ever had

  10. yet another blow to the tarnished reputation of our government and country. its constant embarrassment. non stop. Maybe if people could see what a laughing stock our country is in the international press they might vote differently

    lol nah that aint gna happen

  11. Interesting that she talking about having dreams of a decent standard of living at age 10. When people are still in terrible situations and the ANC has failed to support them.

  12. For those preparing for interviews this is a typical example of what should not happen in the interview room. The interviewee is not listening to questions, she came prepared to say what she wanted to say, not what she was asked by the interviewer. Iyo

  13. When all she can talk about is "how much they've done" she sounds like the paedophile priest who assures you
    that he can help you find Jesus, while he fondles you. Such douchebaggery!

  14. Was there a different person asking questions as the majority of responses were unrelated …. Plus the points she was making seemed to be personal and nothing to do with South Africa. I thought she was a minister of international relations yet hardly sold South Africa ….. Que vergüenza !!!! (How embarrassing )

  15. And someone will say, with their 50% in Mathematical Literacy, "There is transformation in South Africa. Land is no longer in the hands of white people. There's ntate mang mang wa kae kae who owns a farm". And my response is always, ALWAYS uniform. Give me the name of one Black farmer and I'll give you ten white farmers. Not forgetting my earlier quotation of South African statistics. Black people are forty one million two thousand two hundred and eighty three but white people are only four million five hundred and eighty six thousand eight hundred and thirty eight. So you actually wanna argue on a ratio of 1:10? Awunyi perhaps?

  16. Maite, you have no clue what the young people feel ! The born-frees are not going to look on and have you and the ANC exploit South-Africa any longer ! You should be VERY concerned, as your head will roll ! They are going to start on top, not at the bottom ! !

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