Talk to Al Jazeera – Muhammadu Buhari: Nigeria ‘reduced to a failed state’


Nigeria’s main opposition leader shares his views on the postponed vote, Boko Haram, and challenges facing his country.



  1. Where will Buhari start fighting corruption from ? I hope he knows tha APC is made up of former corrupt ex governors and ex vice presidents . Hope fully he would arrest and detain the members of he's party before he starts with the members of PDP .

  2. Typically opposition statements, he is part of the problem . Who should take a man like him seriously , how many people did he kill when he toppled another ruler by a Coup ? 

  3. through his intonation and his way of pronunciation you notice that he didn't  pass out from primary school beside he  is old enough to die , i don't know what wrong with Nigeria , how can somebody knows his or her right  will be thinking of voting Buhari in as a president of nigeria , i mean this is the right time for nigeria to look forward instead of looking back 

  4. i pray God that let this election break Nigeria apart. Nigeria as a nation is a force marriage done by british, north and southern ESPECIALLY eastern Nigeria have nothing in common

  5. They said Buhari will take us back if elected
    President! Nigerians say it's a good decision
    to go back when you've lost your way on a
    16yrs PDP journey where our destination as
    a nation is no longer visible. Please, Buhari,
    take us back to the era where:
    1. One Dollar was less than one Naira. It is incredible today!
    2. Everything was on first come first serve basis.
    3. There was zero tolerance for corruption.
    4. Oil refineries in PortHarcourt, Warri & Kaduna were built & running at full capacity.
    5. Anybody with questionable wealth was afraid to display it in public.
    6. There was Zero tolerance for indiscipline. Everything was in order.
    7. Nigeria had no debt at all.
    8. Neglecting your children was a crime
    9. Littering the public place was a crime
    10. Twenty oil depots were built and functioning.
    11 Western world can't interfere into our nation.
    12. Chad invaded Nigeria, we sent them packing but did not harness their Land .
    13. Our economy was NOT running on generator.
    14. We can sleep with our eyes closed because we were secured.
    15. Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia need not to set example on how to deal with drug pushers.
    16. The Maitaseine Islamic Sect insurgency in the North was crushed on record time.
    17. We want those days when Buhari was a military Governor but did not amass illegal wealth.
    18. We want those days when Buhari was a Minister of Petroleum but did not hire a private jet for N10 billion.
    19. We want those days when Buhari was a Head of State but did not loot the Treasury.
    20. We want those days when Buhari was Head of PTF but did not steal the Fund even in the days of Abacha when stealing was the order of the day. Pls, Buhari & Osinbajo, take us BACK! We can't afford another 4yrs of waste in the hands of PDP!!!
    Take us BACK to the good old days of this our great nation.If you want this to happen, circulate the message!!

  6. In less than 30min he called the 6weeks Postponement HOURS, MONTHS, and doesn't Know the full meaning of INEC and even His Own party Name APC. What a shame! This is just a tool in the hand of Tinubu and Co…. How does he plan to repay, Tinubu and Amaechi for all the money spent on Campaign. How does he plan to Make Nigeria's Economy better, what will he do differently that He has not suggested in His North East Region, and why do we have the highest level of Poverty, Illetracy in the same region and he Claims to have the Secret to Nigeria's Progress. Its time we asked the right question and not plunge Nigeria back."change doesn't necessarily bring Progress".

  7. Our neighbours are not safeguarding anything for us but for themselves as well, boko haram also kill people in these countries not Nigeria alone please.  General Buhari should get his points and answers right.  That kind  of comment/reply, coming from someone who calls himself a patriotic Nigerian is pathetically insane and just  laughable.

  8. This is to all of you APC supporters crying for Change..

    APC Lists of Gubernatorial Candidates for the 2015 Elections:
    1] KWARA: AbdulFatah Hamed (former PDP)
    2] KEBBI: Abubakar Atiku Bagudu (former PD…P)
    3] KATSINA: Aminu Bello Masari (former PDP)
    4] KANO: Umar Abdullahi Ganduje (former PDP)
    5] KADUNA: Malam Nasir El-rufa'i (former PDP)
    6] JIGAWA: Alh. Abubakar Badaru (former PDP)
    7] BAUCHI: Barr. Muhammad Abubakar (former PDP)
    8] GOMBE: Alh. Inuwa Yahya (former PDP)
    9] NIGER: Abubakar Bello Sani (former PDP)
    10] ADAMAWA: Umar Jibrilla Bindow (former PDP)
    11] PLATEAU: Mr Simon Lalong (former PDP)
    12] BENUE: Dr Samuel Ortom (former PDP)
    13] TARABA: Aisha Jummai Alhassan (former PDP)
    14] RIVERS: Dakuku Peterside (former PDP)
    15] IMO: Rochas Okorocha (former APGA)
    16] ENUGU: Okey Ezea (former PDP)
    17] ABIA: Dr Nyerere Anyim (former PDP)
    18] EBONYI: Dr Steve Egbo (former PDP).
    19) Sokoto: Aminu Tambuwal. (Former PDP)
    Who is now talking about CHANGE? Who is Changing who?
    Is it these PDP rejected, that are calling for CHANGE?
    People, use your brain.. Dont be a victim of brainwash

  9. I love his answers about what he did while he was the president. He gave plain answers that 5 year olds will understand. He did not respond with " political answers" that our crooked politicians like to give when they're asked about their incompetence.  Buhari is what Nigeria needs. Nigeria isn't ripe enough for full fledged democracy. We will continue to need paramilitary leadership until 5 generations down have evolved into comprehending how to govern with it. He is a true world class general.

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