Talk to Al Jazeera – Mustafa Akinci: ‘With my election there is hope’


In talks beginning this week in Cyprus, leaders are taking possibly crucial steps towards ending 41 years of painful, bitter division of their island.

Often described as the longest running unresolved conflict in Europe, Cyprus has been divided into a Greek and Turkish part, despite successful efforts in other parts of the continent to bring people together.

The newly-elected President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Mustafa Akinci explains why he is optimistic that the day may finally be here for Cypriots to unite, as he sits down with James Bays for Talk to Al Jazeera.



  1. This man is genuine and I think Greeks should trust him and Turkey that after a mutual compromise and settlement, both sides will remove their armies. Give peace a chance first and then focus on the military if you ask me. Its only natural. The armies are there more to prevent conflict on either side and neither side is interested in fighting othereise we would have seen it turn into the Palestinian Israeli conflict. I think you'll find that Turkey will remove their soldiers given they're so close to the Island and could send their army there again at anytime they needed to but I seriously dont think there will be a need to do this if Greece also steps back. Greeks and Turks have so much in common they should focus on that. I think the two countries could do much more together than with the rest of the EU

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