Talk to Al Jazeera – Rousseff’s attorney: Brazil is like ‘House of Cards’


Brazil, the world’s fifth largest country, is in turmoil. It’s a nation submerged in economic recession and corruption while its president has been forced out of the presidential palace to face an impeachment trial, betrayed by her own coalition.

Accused of transferring money from the state-owned Bank of Brazil – without the approval of Congress – to cover a massive budget deficit, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is fighting for her political life.
Rousseff insists she is the victim of a political coup d’etat triggered by a thirst for revenge, and made worse by a dramatic slowdown in economic growth.

Now abandoned even by her vice president who has taken over her office, Rousseff has one trusted ally – the man she appointed attorney general, who is today leading her defence team.

Jose Eduardo Cardozo is a passionate defender of the president, even though she caved into pressure to remove him as justice minister in February when he refused to block corruption investigations against members of their own party. When her trial begins, he must convince the Senate that Rousseff is innocent.

On this episode of Talk to Al Jazeera we go to the presidential residence – which is now a sort of bunker for the impeached president – to meet the man responsible for what many call “mission impossible” – bringing Dilma Rousseff back to office.