Talk to Al Jazeera – Sri Lankan president: No allegations of war crimes


After UN probe into the country’s civil war, Sirisena downplays allegations as “human rights violations only.”

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  1. The fact of the matter is, if you have nothing to hide Mr Sirisena, there is no logical reason to stop the UN investigating in Sri Lanka. Then and only then can any form of reconciliation take place. This hiding is only going to harm Sri Lanka in the years to come. He knows what the UN will find, as does everyone. He's simply trying to cover his own back and reap the fruits of power at the expense of his nation.

  2. Agreeably a better leader than former president Mahinda Rajapakshe, however still too biased to run a country with more than one race. As a Tamil or anyone who seeks justice cannot accept federal investigation of war crimes for the following reasons:
    1. Mr Srisena is not saying there is a possibility that war crimes may have occurred; when this is the case how am I to agree that he will appoint commissions that will investigate this neutrally?
    2. He speaks of sovereignty as a reason to why he would not allow international investigation however sovereignty does not come to his mind when the Chinese and Japan are dominating many businesses in Sri Lanka.
    3. The majority of the government officials are Sinhalese; will the investigation sector have equal number of the affected group too??

    He has high potential to improve this country financially however when it comes to justice for war crimes and reconciliation this country needs a better leader. And of course international investigation!!!

  3. Dirty tamil basterds who need more in sri lanka can go to tamil nadu and wash toilets.Lets be fair and move forward together or just go to hell or india.

  4. I am not surprised. he said nothing new. He is walking in the foot step of his processors. only difference is that his precessors has managed to fool Tamil peoples and it's leadership but he is trying to fool international community.

    It is Sinhala chauvinism which gave rise to Tamil militancy. International community should come forward to understand accept that Sinhala chauvinism is the reason all the destruction. at least now, International community should act firmly to ensure the right to self determination of Tamil people.

    It is responsibility of international community which has did all it can to help government to fight Tamil tigers. Since the defeat of tamil tigers, there is no one to give voice for those voiceless and powerless Tamil people.

    Tamil people are undergoing structural genocide in their own land. witnessing genocide is a crime. International community should act now.

  5. I know he is lying because you can plainly see his lips moving, this govt./MILITARY is nothing but front for a false democracy and should be overthrown by the west and a system of accountable government and dynamic democracy installed. This man is evil and greed all rolled into one.

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