Talk to Al Jazeera – Zika virus: ‘We have more questions than answers’


As the WHO investigates the massive outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil, we travel to ground zero of the epidemic.

What is the true scale of the health crisis over the zika virus? Is Brazil, and the region, losing the battle against the virus? How far is the world from finding a cure? And will the Brazilian government help the mothers and their babies?

Today on Talk to Al Jazeera, we travel to the centre of the crisis to find out how the children and parents are coping, whether they receive the help they have been promised, and we talk to a scientist about a possible way to stop the disease.

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  2. People.. ZIKA is a huge , huge lie. Ask the right questions . Zika is
    coming from Africa , rather say originated from Africa. Well Africa got
    the primates like Chimpanzees, and with my understanding their DNA is
    incredibly close to us humans. That is the reason they are using them
    for research purposes. So of all this time since Zika got discovered
    what was in 1947, in Uganda, NOT A SINGLE primate have born with
    disfigured skull "Only" humans right? No one have a single picture of a
    monkey, of any kind, or the monkeys got the antibody to Zika? So now
    they want to give you a shot, what contains God knows what, because they
    are so desperate to cut down of the world population. How come not a
    single primate born disfigured in the Amazon? Not in Africa and not in
    the Amazon… WHY? What's wrong with this picture? Where are the funky

  3. the one lady with the daughter mentioned she took vaccines…. what vaccines??? we don't get vaccines in the USA when pregnant. I'm pregnant and on my sixth and have never had a vaccine while pregnant.

  4. im starting to think that something else is going on…. these woman all say i got it at two months but the child stopped growing at five months pregnant…. you would think if it's zika and at two months finding out the body would miscarriage…. and the government willing to pay for a condition that is stemming from a virus in bugs… or have they done something and they aren't saying…

  5. What did I hear her say?? She took all the vaccines??!!! Since when are vaccines given to pregnant women!!! Therein lies the 'problem'. The women are being experimented on and they don't have a clue.

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  7. Why are they paying for the Olympics if they don't have the money to spray and finance a decent effort to combat this virus.. As long as People are living with no plumbing and running water you shouldn't be bidding on Olympic Games Dummies!!! Now how many travelers are ginna bring back that BS to their home countries?

  8. Where is the Catholic Church the entity that ingrained anti abortion sentiments into this culture? Where are they now when these people need help?

  9. think about planter mosquito skirts for any planter with a water tray…indoors and outdoors. Do not give mosquitos a place to lay eggs, plants clean the air we need them!!

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