The 2015 General Election: How It Unfolded


In ten minutes, here’s what happened on a night of seismic results that changed the face of British party politics. Read more about the 2015 General Election results here:

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  1. UKIP did incredibly well. They racked up almost 4 million votes! But thanks to our shoddy, unrepresentative voting system, UKIP got jackshit. Vote for proportional voting. Vote for UKIP!

  2. Problem Number One: Jeremy is a terrible leader for Labour, and is the sole reason they are going to lose. If he doesn't even give a notion of standing down, same for Kezia, there is no hope for a Labour recovery.
    Problem Number Two: Conservatives keep making promises about Brexit, and keep going against it – which is hurting both the pro-Brexit voters and anti-Brexit voters ~ with the illusion of nationalistic jingoism to hide it.
    Problem Number Three: Scotland does actually have a mandate to hold a referendum after this election, and with the crash of labour and Lib Dems, Ruth Davidson and her party have turned it into a Gambit between Unionists to back Tories and Separatists to back SNP. As shown in the council elections to which she was critiqued, because many letters issued stated, in summary: "local issued do matter, but what's more important is voting against SNP by voting Conservative"; essentially, they're putting local issues aside so they can secure more Unionist votes through jingoism and scaremongering.
    Problem Number Four: Sinn Féin are polling much higher than DUP, and they're likely to take all seats, except one, in the South and East Seats, and Belfast, with SDLP taking gains on DUP seats, and UUP scoring much lower in the polls. Thus giving a mandate for an Irish Border Poll for Unification.

    So this snap-election, which is merely a power grab for Theresa, could potentially break up the UK, highlight the corruption and anti-people ideologies of the Conservatives AND potentially ruin labour like the Lib Dems.

  3. SNP are disgusting rats. Scotland has had enough, the next independence referendum will be another No as people will treat it as an election and lash out accordingly, SNP gains will be rolled back in 2020.

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