The Caliph – Part 1: Foundation – Featured Documentary


For almost 13 centuries, from the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632 to the overthrow of the last Ottoman caliph in 1924, the Islamic world was ruled by a caliph.

Translated from the Arabic ‘Khalifa’, the word ‘caliph’ means successor or deputy. The caliph was considered the successor to the Prophet Muhammad.

It is a term that has, at times, been abused.

In June 2014, a militant group calling itself the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIL or ISIS) declared the establishment of a caliphate and proclaimed its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a caliph. This proclamation was rejected by the overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims.

ISIL had attempted to appropriate a title imbued with religious and political significance – and in doing so had cast a dark shadow over a rich history.

This is the story of the caliph, a title that originated 1,400 years ago and that spanned one of the greatest empires the world has ever known.

In this episode of the Caliph, Al Jazeera tells the story of the caliphate, providing a fascinating insight into how the first caliphs of Islam built and expanded their empire.

Director: Husein Alrazzaz

Director of photography: Fadi Benni

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  1. just think for a moment if any CALIPHS want to remove every religion from their territory can't they do so very easily with large army ???
    just think?

  2. You people will kill far more than Hitler did or Stalin you who follow this belief will kill billions in the very near future you who think Mahmud s from God was not you who follow this false religion created by the devil him,self will one day all bow low before a man who walked the earth as a Jew and you will call him lord and mater and there is no power that will stop this from happening and you whose eyes so blind cannot even see that you 12th imam is the final anti Christ who will slaughter a better part of humanity you Arabs who worshiped 360 god's were left by God to be taken by Satan to believe a lie for you said no to the truth of God . God did not want to bless Ismael but because Abraham begged God he did so and yet even with the blessing you did evil now Abraham says to God " Lord I understand now why you didn't want to bless him"

  3. after conquering Levant they conquered Egypt – of course, religion of peace and love can't survive without conquering it's neighbours.

  4. Al Jazeera is dishonest. Its says in the Koran Muhammad was poisoned to death. Al Jazeera says he died of a brief illness instead, that's wrong.

  5. I don't know about all of us because there are a lot of people who just want to live their life in peace and not be bothered and not bother anybody
    but then there's those greedy pigs who always want more and more and more.
    otherwise yes I think you're right
    we are born into insanity

  6. kill and be killed, God has always used violent fools against each other but I do feel for all the innocents and animal victims of their insanity.

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