The Day of the Dead – Wonders of Life w/ Brian Cox – BBC


Brian Cox is in Sagada on November 1st for the the Day of the Dead celebrations as he explores the wonder of life. Taken from Wonders of Life.

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  1. I'm quite disappointed that Brian Cox dismisses the scientific process (don't believe stuff you don't have any evidence for). The kicker is the silly question what the difference is between a rock and a living organism. Hey, physicist, ask a biologist. Duh!

  2. What is it that animates living thing? Well, contemporary materialistic biology will never answer to that: it is beyond its reach. Praise the Marx-Darwin's dogma for it.

  3. I don't know, I think much of it is wishful thinking. No book goes on forever. No movie goes on forever. No song goes on forever. No life goes on forever. The sun and moon and earth won't go on forever. There's no evidence of forever. What will I become after death? What I was before I was born. I shall return to nothingness.

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