The ‘Enormous Pressue’ Of Working At Amazon


The “enormous pressure” of working at Amazon has a “psychological impact” on staff, reporter Carole Cadwalla, who worked undercover at the company’s Swansea warehouse, tells Sky News Tonight’s Jannat Jalil.



  1. One minute being 1/2 a point, 12 hour shifts, and penalties for taking time off for a doctor's appointment?!

    I've worked for Amazon and I've worked at another warehouse gig and what I've heard from this lady sounds MUCH more like the standard DB Schenker warehouse (or P&G at the absolute least) than an Amazon FC…

  2. power is true to those who unite and rise against the abusers of civilization. Even the weakest buffalo is stronger than the wrangler alone on the field and trust me if the wrangler is smart he wont want to mess with the whole herd.

  3. I'm all for improving conditions for workers who work hard, and I don't like how agencies dominate the labour market, they can be unfair. But still, this doesn't sound any different to any other factory type work that hundreds of thousands of people around the country work in and no-one bats an eye-lid there. I think it's because the upper middle class uses Amazon a lot to buy stuff so some of them like the lady here feel a bit guilty seeing how common people work. But this isnt anything new.

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