The Five 6/6/2017 | The Five Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday


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Full Show: The Five 6/6/2017 | The Five Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday
Genre: Talk, Interview, Politics
Premise: No one man (or woman) can replace Glenn Beck, so Fox News Channel brought in “The Five.” Airing in Beck’s vacated timeslot, the weekday opinion show is a round-table ensemble of five rotating Fox News personalities who discuss and debate the top news stories, controversies and issues of the day. Some of the network’s featured talent who appear include Eric Bolling, Juan Williams, Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle. The program also features politicians, celebrities, sports figures and newsmakers as guests.



  1. Just wondering…how much longer do we have to endure Juan Williams?? When you already know what stupid leftist view he is going to say before he opens his mouth, then it's time for him to go. I personally think he is on Soros's payroll…because no one can be that stupid!

  2. Gutfield is right on, Trump is closer to the American public, or at least some majority. We dislike Khan intensely, and the dems and the deep state. And if we weren't angry in August 2016 then we should have been and are increasingly so. Tap the pulse, High 5.

  3. Sadiq Khan was elected by folks who had the mistaken belief that Muslim extremists would love them for their benevolent generosity and backbending lack of prejudice and, you know, not kill them.

  4. Juan Williams has just made the clearest statement, in response to the attorney's statement about ….  He has consistently setup camp in the narrowest of postures, simple opposition (not by counterpoints).

  5. Did Obama stand against terror or make it easier in the world for the spread of terror? Is this accidental or aiding and abetting? Don't worry…..go back to sleep……….

  6. Juan speaks against the, "thought police," but I've heard him speak against Trump for saying things on the campaign trail. He thinks that it's okay for the courts to rule against Trump for having a thought. There's nothing in any statement that the president has said that says that all Muslims should be kept out of the country. In fact he uses a list of countries that Obama put together. So far the courts are ruling against thought not actions and Juan supports it.

  7. Juan Williams is a nice guy, but a sincerely ignorant tool. I have compassion for him even in his foolishness, mainly because he really believes what he says. Still love u Juan. Kimberly ate him up though. Lol😂

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