The Fox News Specialists 6/5/2017 | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday


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Full Show: The Fox News Specialists 6/5/2017 | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday
Genre: Politics
Premise: A five-person panel discusses some of the top news stories, with a focus on politics, on this daily show. Three of the seats at the desk are occupied by the program’s co-hosts: Eric Bolling, Katherine Timpf and Eboni K. Williams. The other two spots are filled on a rotating basis by guest experts — the specialists referenced in the show’s title — who come from various backgrounds, including journalism, politics and entertainment.The quintet dives into the headlines, offering the hosts’ and specialists’ unique analysis on the news stories that are trending that day.



  1. get rid of that stupid bimbo Timf or whatever. Too many of them try to hog the conversation, talk over each other and the guest(s) who have much more to say, can hardly get a word in edgewise. I can't stand that emaciated bitch!

  2. is this correct?  it took TWO terrorists attacks before they finally put some barricades at least on the London bridge!? I would not have any confidence in a politician  mayor  armed with that information either.  to me  the blood from the 2nd attack is on his hands  not taking action and denying the problem.

  3. This show needs to be cancelled.  Eric is a stuttering fool and the two girls are irritating.  Neither the hosts or concept works.  Back to the drawing board.

  4. Erick needs a talking coach, he can hardly put two words together. Ebony and Kat need vaccinations against liberalism disease. I don't like this program very much. The hosts are simply, not good enough.

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