The Fox News Specialists 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday


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Full Show: The Fox News Specialists 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday
Genre: Politics
Premise: A five-person panel discusses some of the top news stories, with a focus on politics, on this daily show. Three of the seats at the desk are occupied by the program’s co-hosts: Eric Bolling, Katherine Timpf and Eboni K. Williams. The other two spots are filled on a rotating basis by guest experts — the specialists referenced in the show’s title — who come from various backgrounds, including journalism, politics and entertainment.The quintet dives into the headlines, offering the hosts’ and specialists’ unique analysis on the news stories that are trending that day.



  1. Watching Friday, 6/9/2017 I love Eric, I like Ebony, yet I cannot barely stand kim. Hey kim, not everybody thinks you are cute when you're cutting other people off. That's pretty much why I cannot watch this show. Bolling is trying to explain his viewpoint (there's a lot of us who share his view) about the Chelsea Manning treason. Kim thinks she's so damn cute she cuts him off repeatedly AND I didn't get to hear his complete thought. I cannot stand her on the multiple platforms she's being used on because of her immature disrespect. She seems to be a great example of the end justifies the means because I said so, my thoughts have more importance than anybody else. Well guess what? ** that s**t. Get rid of the smarmy snipey mini Kennedy. Who cannot get an entire episode done without showing us how arrogantly superior shethinks she is. Two peas in a pod. Shut up and practice showing your like aged counterparts across the Republic what polite discussion is suppose to be.

    I don't agree with Ebony most of the time but I have no dislike of her. It's not the viewpoint, it's the snotty mouth it's coming from. AND is anybody EVER going to call Juan out for his blatant lies on President Trump? I don't care if Juan feels pee running down his leg, how about some accountability from that worm? His feelings mean less than nothing to me. C'mon, who the hell gets fired from (only govt funding allows it to exist) NPR?

  2. FK the stupid ass NothingBurger phrase. It's dumb as hell all on it's own but for God's sake it's become the most overused cliche. Stupid AND ubiquitous?!! The horror!!!!

  3. Once again Kat shows her flaming ignorance by ALWAYS trying to find moral equivalence between the monsters of Obama and the Clintons and Republicans or Trump.


    But she was for Gary Johnson and actually PROUD of it!!!😱

  4. What ever Comey says one side or the other is going to hate him. Before he got fired all the democrats hate him and wanted Comey fired.
    Gets fired and the democrats are upset that he got fired and now they love him.

  5. Thank God Comey's gone, enough of his semantics. Confusing the entire country with his word games and how he construes things. He's a showboat and needs to go for the good of the country. Hillary should be in jail right now.

  6. Also, any trips to Oregon are also out of the question. Those liberal leaders have put me off to any travel in that state. No need to spend any consumer travel dollars there too.

  7. And….every cop in america….is armed…as a a lot of the citizens…..makes it harder to find "soft" targets…as all of these fools are cowards …..

  8. How about we build a bunch of farms, in the middle of nowhere, Scotland maybe, nice and cold and damp. There is raised the very best of porcine perfection, award winning pigs, that need labour, perhaps all those folks who are found to be murderous jihadists, the perfect prison.
    Treat folks well, feed em, but their entire life will now be spent raising pork. Oh yeah, a great big freaking wall around it, that keeps the bad guys in. Suppose that will fly..?

  9. Right now, if someone gave me a free ticket to London, I would take a match to it. No thanks. With 200 extreme jihadists running around, I am not interested.

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