The Frontline of Elephant Protection – This Wild Life – BBC


Not only are the team in Samburu trying to win over the hearts and minds of the local community, they are also mobilising them to help enforce the much needed anti-poaching laws.

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  1. As long as money making is involved this evil practice of killing the innocent will continue , be it the death of humans or animals mankind has an unenviable greed for money , once something has no financial reward it will be abandoned . Thanks BBC for the video , C

  2. We have tried to ban ivory trade and it didn't work, why cant we mark the tusks (so they cant be sold) or even cut them off so that we will not loose elephants and then we could end that when the threat is gone.

  3. stopping the trade, banning ivory in Asia is the most important thing. Buyers in Asia might not even be aware of the issue. An ad campaign in Asia, and political pressure are critical

  4. Thank you Rangers for your strong dedication to this cause. Your efforts are not in vain in protecting these marvelous giants from extinction.

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