The Man Who Swims Towards Sharks – #OurBluePlanet – BBC Earth


Is it possible to change people’s perceptions of sharks? Marine biologist Yannis is utilising new
technology to inspire a different view on these remarkable creatures and their role in our blue planet.

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This film was produced by Alucia Productions
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Production Crew:
Director/Cinematographer: Owen Donovan
Associate Producer/Field Audio: Marjorie Crowley
Production Manager: Samantha Loshiavo
Editor: Ryan Quinn
Post Production Supervisor: Brian Golding
Executive Producer: Jennifer Hile
Creative Director: Mark Dalio

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  1. Just goes to show you, being a scientist doesn't require any brains. Anyone who swims with these large sharks is risking their lives no matter how much they think they know.

  2. I totally get that feeling. I've loved sharks since I was a kid. I didn't turn it into a Ph.D (yet?) but I do dive now, and that first time you actually get to see one of these guys it is like being star struck. You just want to swim with them so badly when you finally get to see them.

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