The moment police shot terrorists dead


New footage has emerged of the moment the three London Bridge attackers were confronted by armed police and shot dead during their rampage.

Our Defence Correspondent Alistair Bunkall has been going through the footage. A warning – his report does show the terrorists trying to attack the officers, before all three are shot and killed, and it shows images of the dead terrorists.

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  1. Could of potentially been zero minutes if all police in Britain were armed. A cop without a gun is basically useless in such situations. Such a joke when the police have to call and wait 8 minutes for their buddies who are actually armed and capable of dealing with such a situation while innocent people die around them. When will Britain learn? This isn't complicated, Britain…

  2. brave policemen ? They don`t get paid for what they do , they get paid for what they might have to do , armed response unit train full time for this scenario , it is what they do for living , training and responding , dedicated policemen more like.

  3. Sky says this is CCTV but its more like a camera phone that has been post-degraded so there are no sharp details. So then we are told what we are seeing by the commentator – as we can't make out anything really – so we have to believe the MSM.
    This is as fake as Manchester and Westminster. That's what my eyes tell me.

  4. Nice shooting, but then right after that I wouldnt be surprised if their next job was to crash into the apartment of someone who posted something offensive directed at those terroists religion and motivation for their actions.

  5. There is nothing more dangerous than a man that doesn`t care if he lives or dies. They came fast with knives against guns and almost got to the officers.

  6. يعيشون في هذا البلد الطيب وياكلون ويعملون وينامون في امن وامان
    وبالتالي يقومون بقتل الابرياء
    لعنكم الله .

  7. my respect for these dedicated police officers increase on a daily, they risk their lives on a daily to make us safe. They're humans like us with families. I think they deserve more than we give them.

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