The Prime Minister’s Article 50 statement


“This is an historic moment.” Prime Minister Theresa May confirms the UK is leaving the EU in her Article 50 statement.

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  1. The politics of cheap… Leaving Europe, so as not to be controlled from Brussels but, ending-up controlled by every other squalid entity on earth… Better fortune with "Frigsit"…

  2. A lot of people voted leave because of the refugee crisis. Leaving the EU won't reduce the number of refugees entering the UK because they're not EU citizens. Britain already has the right to reject anyone who isn't an EU citizen. The reason why countries like Germany and Sweden have too many refugees is because they're members of Schengen. We should be grateful that we're not a Schengen member.

  3. AND what about the Belgium Congo, Spanish America's. Portugal,France,The Netherlands,Italy,Germany, they all took chunks of the world. It is 2017. Hooray for changes, especially this one.🎈🎉😅.

  4. God has his mercy on the muslims. With the disunity of the Europeans will come the unity of the muslims. Goodbye to hypocrite democracy in Muslim lands and welcome the caliphate as the prophet pbuh has told us of the final stage "caliphate on the path of prophethood" will return after the dictatorship.

  5. Its very difficult to identify whether the idea that process in which we have left the EU has been "democratic", is true; The exact nature of the future outcome is certainly ambiguous. It is important that those concerned about the short and long term effects, in particular the younger generations, monitor the changes and proposals carefully and use the force of population to regularise the hazards as stringently as possible – Younger generations will find petitions, social media etc to be particularly useful in doing this. It is important that everybody concerned watches and responds very carefully to the approaching events in parliament and across the UK.

  6. we are stronger together. This is a dark day and a ridiculous one. just over half the country voted leave. It wasn't exactly a white wash. This is not a fair vote

  7. Every week Jeremy Corbyn says that he wants to spend more with health services, national security, education and social services, well, where does he want to cut the gov spending to do so???

  8. "We will have a safer and more secure society" – Didnt palpatine say that in Star Wars Episode 3 when he made the Empire??? Is May becoming self aware as to how much she looks like him??? Where is Corben? He looks like Old Ben Kenobi. Quickly, we need a re-election.

  9. Dont see how people can be annoyed with May for carrying out Brexit, its not like she had any option to not do it once it was voted for.

  10. sieg heil her may, what this speech means I will make the countries decisions, I will do what i want I will do this I will do that, 'Is that an iceberg das kapitan May?' 'No it isnt an iceberg its Donald Trump telling me that we aint getting shyt from the US LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL we will have to go begging to the commonwealth countries who we treated like shyt remember wonder what they gonna say LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  11. We where sold on a common market, Powerful speech by the prime minister but i hope this isn't just hot air.

    So i have just read the white paper, lost for words, Phenomenal proposal and very hard to nit pick.

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