The Rise of the Superbug


Many of the advances of modern medicine have relied on antibiotics and their ability to treat previously incurable illnesses like pneumonia and tuberculosis. But now those advances are under threat. An increasing number of bacteria – termed superbugs – are developing resistance to the drugs. In short: the drugs don’t work. It’s a global issue and one no country can ignore. To do so would imperil the heath and death of the entire world.

Al Jazeera Science Editor Tarek Bazley takes an in-depth look the issue and what can be done to stop the rise of the Superbug.

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  1. Kind of odd, the people who live in the dirty environment, usually they got the best immune system. it train them to fight compare to the 1 and 2 nd world people. if it does happen, I think 1 and 2 world people die the most.

  2. In 2016, I treated five peyote cacti (legal in Canada) with silver solution and the intent of creating super alkaloidal amines, amino acids, non-proteinic acids, phenylethamines , and isoquinolines for future research into its possible antibiotic action(s). All that I require for the extraction of my dried and powdered peyote is a facility with a High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography machine to do it. I have made requests to labs, both nationally and internationally and all have refused to do so or remain silent. If my hunch plays out that the antibiotic properties of both plant and mineral will introduce a whole new class of terpentines and/or triterpentines with which to research with and develop new drugs. All that I ask for is the right to have my peyote tested. Refusing me is to ready yourselves to the upcoming post antibiotic era with hopelessness. Time is running out and we have so little left.

  3. Relax! – I got the power (and everybody can possess it) to destroy any superbugs and any other pathogens the moment they touch us, to erase any diseases from the face of the Earth in just a few days, if everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day) – My WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction – We humans will stay absolutely healthy all the time, living our Endless Lives, for Infinite Health = Immortality – I will describe my WVCD to the world for 5 billion bucks – Just 25 million bucks per country in the world – For our Infinite Health and Immortality – The Future belongs to us – The Immortal humans.

  4. 20:14 I saw this man present his research at a conference in Boston! He had such a good presentation about antibiotic resistance in E. coli!

    So that's what his lab looks like… ooooh….

  5. A Native American Indian who was born with yellow fever my mother took woodlice bake it on open fire untill brown,then took the blood from my lower back and feed it mixed to me in my mouth and was cleared of yellow fever.I am not saying this for people to do but for study of a person own blood with woodlice .

  6. Pharma Industry's price gauging also contributes to the problem. Unfortunately Al Jazeera, at least in this report, is blind to corporate misbehavior. The return on investment if it comes to developing new antibiotics is just not so high, so not many are developed. It's time we switch to a state-run medicine production, that is not governed by demand but rather by NECESSITY.

  7. I bet the 100,000-250,000 number does not even contain the people that have a life-threatening or lethal disease in a progressed stage (cancer, AIDS) that in fact die from an infection with resistant bacteria. They are routinely filed under the cause of death of their underlying disease, when in reality without the infection with the "superbug" in hospitals they could have lived much longer.

  8. this is what happends when people becus sensetive by not rolling the dirt and get sick, its like taboo too be sick today and people pop anti this and anti that medecine etc so yeah wall them walls and stop taking pain killers becus u hurt a finger.

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