The Story 6/8/2017 With Martha MacCallum | The Story Fox News Today June 8,2017 Thursday


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Full Show: The Story 6/8/2017 With Martha MacCallum | The Story Fox News Today June 8,2017 Thursday
Genre: Politics
Premise: Martha MacCallum currently serves as the anchor of The Story with Martha MacCallum (weeknights 7PM/ET). She joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in January 2004 and is based in New York.
Each night at 7pm EST, Martha MacCallum will take you deeper than ever before into the stories The Story that matter to you. In these historic and complicated times, you deserve to see these stories The Story presented through a fair and critical lens.



  1. Comey is a FAKE. With all the evidences he listed about Hillary on private email, he concluded that there is no clear evidence of intentional act, while he said he took Trump's word as a direction! He's a sleezy caphoon. Drain Comey swamp. It's time for him to join Hillary and Obama where they belong: JAIL.

  2. Swallwell is part of the swamp and needs to be drained. He said Comey is a private citizen now, but leaks the note that is required for high level official communication and is a government document. What type of people the Democrats are electing. Just like saying Hillary can leak classified info in her private computer since she is now a private citizen. Lots of Democrats government official are really political hacks, and do not contribute much toward help building America (like Maxine).

  3. Both Stalwell and Ron Hosco's comments are worthless and biased. Stalwell in support of the Democratic agenda and Hosco in support of his pal Comey. Martha presented Hosco a very good question, WHY did Comey not share with the President, this comment concerning an ongoing investigation is improper. Not one person who watched bought Comey's being fearful of the President in not doing just that,, AND James Comey leaking his notes in hopes to press for a "special coundil" for those matters when he DID NOT press for a "special council" investigating HRC email and Bengzi questions. Unreal.

  4. Re; Representative Stalwell responds to Martha's query about the investigation into all this mess by stating Robert Muller is on it – BUT – that he certainly hopes that investigation is an 'honest" investigation,, WHAT? Why would Eric Stalwell question Muller's integrity when EVERY person in DC commends Muller as being thorough, UNbiased and will as they're all saying "get to the BOTTOM of this". Wow,, Stalwell just revealed his confidence in Muller didn't he.

  5. Wow, that bald guy Zak is just as many others in DC – so delusional as to think James Comey saying "he feels" (he feels?? how can that be considered the truth?) that President Trump fired him because the President wanted to sway an investigation into the Russian's influencing the Presidential election. We've heard the President tell all WHY he let James Comey go,, James circumvented chain of command, took a judge and jury stance in saying no lawyer in the country would take a case prosecuting HRC's email server issue and becoming such a figure in the media, those were the reason he was fired.

  6. 90 %% of media are liebraldemtard traitors !!!!!comey is a leaking liebtaldemtard traitor !!!!!!! he deserves execution !!!there are to many liebraldemtards traitors on fox news !!!!!!!!!!president trump never committed a crime!! president trump was never under investigation !!!president trump was totally vindicated !!!!!president trump is a genius156 !!president trump is a patriot !!!president trump was elected by 62mill.patriots!!! killerys voter fraud will top 20 mill,. votes !!!!!PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD SUE THE DNC FOR A BILL.$$$ !!!!!!

  7. But Hurt Fake News Media CNN MSNBC NBC abc CBS are buttering their corn holes with preparation H tonight

    President Trump โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘

  8. We're supposed to be sympathetic that the most powerful law enforcement official in the country felt "intimidated"?
    Regular cops frequently arrest people who are doing nothing illegal, especially those that are too law abiding and or young to know how the system works and are least likely to have money for private lawyers.
    What a joke to hear that guy say he was cowardly !! LMAO

  9. Waste of time. This will lead no where. Months and possibly a years of wasted time and wasted millions of dollars. I can think of 20 things that this millions can be used for better then this.

  10. this bald guy blows a lot of bull. stop having him on. there are a million viewpoints against trump. fox doest need to provide the opposing viewpoint. WE KNOW. I listen to fox to hear unbiased reporting, not more biased opinions

  11. yeah………………..british LePen…..watching liars lie…watching paint dry….. Russsian collusion.
    Vote them out………provide support for the people……………………….

  12. Someone should slap that bald headed little truth twisting leftist daisy in the blue shirt until the color of his head matches the color of his shirt. That is my personal opinion.

  13. F the media! Beside Fox, you people are really getting under my skin with your manipulative allegations. A LOT of Americans are calling for MEDIA reform. You people are just negative – and all you want is Ratings and advertising dollars = business for YOU!

  14. Bald headed Zak…."When your cup is FULL…Nothing More can be added"…..Translation: Your head is so full of your own shit….you Can`t accept anything else!

  15. People of the UK!!! Vote OUT Ms May and the mayor of London. Get some people who have the courage and the brains to do what has to be done fro your country. For your sake.

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