The World’s smallest Lemur – #AttenboroughWeek – Attenborough and the Giant Egg – BBC


David is on his way to the west of the island where a few small patches of an ancient forest remain. He’s there to release a tiny lemur who has been caught for research.

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  1. How eerie is this, when David says to the lemur "Come on, little one." he sounds exactly like his brother Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park saying the same thing to the hatching velociraptors

  2. Would it not be possible to synthesize the compound the insect makes, spray it on new trees and expand their territory? Thus saving their species? I know they recently were able to synthesize rhino horns to poaching will stop.

  3. In Jurassic Park, Richard says (come on little one) for a velociraptor hatching, here David say it to a lemur! The Attenboroughs, caring for nature in every way, Hollywood or reality! 🙂

  4. I'm a huge fan of Sir Attenboroughs work and his dokumentation of the world we live in. I would probably never have experienced or had the priviliege to learn as much of  the world as I have through his documentaries.

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