Tory MP Says No.10 Should Have Had Brexit Plan


“It sounds like I’m making that up. That literally happened two hours ago” – Faisal Islam has been told by a senior Conservative Leave MP that the campaign did not have a post ‪#‎Brexit‬ plan

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  1. He's right no 10 should have had a plan and they have! Anyway it's nice to see fisal completley mess up every interview he did over the eu,I laughed and laughed at what a fool he made of himself,and won votes for the leave campaign, he should not interview again he's not capable,and nd as for SBOWESUK I would like to see what Nicolas sturgeon intends to do with a Scottish brexit,the eu won't entertain her,,

  2. Again the political elite use puppets like Mr Islam to spread their nonsense. What is the name of the MP, why does Mr Islam feel that particular MP is qualified to speak on such an important topic? Conveniently Mr Islam is rather silent on this point isnt he – the question is why? Does he feel that we the public do not deserve to know, because he considers the leavers to be contemptible. Or is the remain campaign so desperate that they are willing to resort to gossip than actual facts. I expect better from Mr Islam and I expect better standards of journalistic ethics from Sky News. This is not a child's playground where whispers are spread this is a serious news channel which is meant to report the news OBJECTIVELY!

  3. and sturgeon will always have a plan to get a free ride where she can, 2.5million people in Scotland voted 1.5 in 1 out (approximately) why does everything build down to percentage at the end of it all 2 people beats 1 person (singular) so voting wise it should be as simple as that and this referendum was that so why so ill prepared why does democracy have to be questioned when someone loses, there's always a losers and between Cameron and Osbourn we became short term losers as their punishment for not doing as we where told by them. anyone else too blind to see that or have we left the womb they carried us in to show we do understand something?

  4. Spain won't block Scotland if it wishes to leave. Im Basque, we want have our own referéndum too. But as the Catalán people, we want to stay in EU. And not only for economic reasons, we are also Europeans, if someone is European these are the Basque who were here before the indoeuropean invasions. But it doesnt nothing to do with history. We believe in the European project.

  5. he's got a good point. Who's job is it to run the country? who offered an in out referendum? the answer to both those questions is who should have had a plan.

  6. Why would the Leave campaign have had a plan for leaving.David Cameron and the Government should have made contingency plans already in place for both scenarios. They have had over three years to put these in place however the vote turned out… That is not the responsibility of campaigners it is for Government Minister. It just show how this government has been operating, on a wing and a pray or just making it up as Cameron and Osborne have been going along.. disgraceful. Fisal Islam should be asking Cameron and Osborne why there was not a contingency plan in place??

  7. The reason they don't have an exit plan is because we have so many options which need detailed consultation and debate. Also this is just a vote, it isn't legally binding so can be introduced anytime long after negotiations have started.

    I expect the best option will be us joining the EFTA with informal agreements as every other sovereign democracy/non democracy on the planet does.

  8. Sturgeon has a plan for every scenario and opportunity to leave the union. I am not familiar with her first minister job description but she sure seems like a full time Scottish Independence campaigner. Kudos to her for being power hungry.

  9. Britain does need stability at these times, clearly not helped by Blairites who are trying to hijack the democratic process of the Labour membership by trying and failing to remove Corbyn, plus the Lack of leadership from the Government who have chosen not to sign Article 50 which is causing major instability in the markets, and also creating suspicion that the referendum will be vetoed by parliament. Cameron pledged to sign if the vote to leave won.

  10. Do agree that Cameron not having a Brexit plan is botb incompetant and reckless. He is both a coward and a liar. We need pro-Brexit MP's in both main parties as soon as possible. Once we get over the big Remainer sulk who do not seem to stop campaigning their rubbish then we can rejoin the big wide world and move on.

  11. Its not as easy for leave camp as it is for Sturgeon to come up with insane plans like remaining in the euro and keeping the pound and hav no border with the rest of UK.

  12. David Cameron and the Conservatives should have had something planned as they are the party who were elected and didn't have to share power like they did previously. Cameron initiated the referendum and so far his plan has been; "I refuse to initiate Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty" Despite saying that he would make moves to leave the EU if a majority voted leave (Which has happened).

    Until Cameron initiates Article 50 or steps down now so that a politician can, there isn't much the Leave politicians can do about it.

    Side note on the leave campaigners "not having a plan". Most of us leave voters weren't expecting to leave. I was shocked as hell when I woke up to find we had a majority vote, yet all that has happened is Cameron saying he won't do anything to leave, and yet refuses to make way for someone who will.

  13. Faisal Islam has made an unsubstantiated claim….He know needs to name said MP or he is deliberately trying to destabilize the markets prior to tomorrows opening, either for political sabotage or for financial gain….Traders call it deramping the market.

  14. i think those LEAVE-politicians never actually meant to win this referendum. in their best case scenario they would barely loose to the REMAIN, so that boris would in few years most likely become the PM for a long time.

    now it seems there is suddenly no haste to leave EU…

    EDIT: i mean, the REMAIN campaing repeatedly has shown what would happen if UK leaves EU, why are they all acting so suprised

  15. The referendum was not to install a Vote Leave government. Cameron said he was staying as prime minister either way. Why would Vote Leave have a plan to run the government?

  16. no plan no go. just make leave campaigners have an apology. put Tony Blair on the block as your cover-up 🙂 stay in the EU 🙂 good plan….the Chilcot Inquiry report on 6 July 2016

  17. that's the governments job but they legged it with their globalist buddies, it's us the people who have chosen and it'll be us to decide when to activate article 50

  18. It just shows how corrupt and useless out elected politicians became. The referendum was a joke in it's execution, obviously the EU has been a just another paycheck to them and they had no real initiatives or projects the EU shot down – it was just a whipping dog and all they have for inaction is excuses.

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