Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/22/2017 | May 22,2017 Manchester Ariana Grande Concert


Full Show: Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/22/2017 | Fox News Today May 22,2017 MONDAY | Manchester Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert
Genre: News, Politics
Premise: Veteran political journalist Tucker Carlson hosts this nightly series that bears his name. Fox News describes the show as an “hour of spirited debate and powerful reporting,” with Carlson taking on issues that viewers care about. He is joined by guests to help him discuss issues that don’t seem to get much coverage in other parts of the media. Regular segments include Carlson calling out political correctness that goes too far and putting overblown social-media outrage in its place, all done in what the network calls “his signature style.”

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Manchester Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert
Developing: Reports of during Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena
Breaking: blasts in Manchester, Ariana Grande Concert | May 22, 2017
LIVE UK VICTORIA station Manchester Ariana Grande concert – Trump FULL Israel speech
Breaking: in Manchester, Ariana Grande concert, NBC and BBC confirm



  1. ►Live coverage of 'breaking news' is always the same; they have few facts but give us endless dithering and guessing and repeating ad nauseum. It'd be far better to briefly tell us the few facts and return to the planned show. Then they can always update us as more (significant) facts become available.

  2. Didn't see this coming now did we? Maybe since children were attacked people will finally do something about those barbaric heathens. But then again they let their children get raped without consequence.

  3. ►Europeans are committing suicide with their open borders for terrorists and hushing their media for the constant terrorism and all the “No-Go Zones.” Europe is becoming the European Caliphate yet the U.S. libs (and MSM) bash Trump for blocking terrorists disguised as visitors or “refugees.” The Brits and the U.S. already have too many ‘homegrown’ jihadi terrorists – it’s lunacy to import even more.

  4. Definitely in response to trump visit in middle east, radical Islamic terrorists can't fight they're frikken cowards, c'mon you poms what are you gonna do ? save your country !!!!

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