Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/5/2017 | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday


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Full Show: Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/5/2017 | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday
Genre: News, Politics
Premise: Veteran political journalist Tucker Carlson hosts this nightly series that bears his name. Fox News describes the show as an “hour of spirited debate and powerful reporting,” with Carlson taking on issues that viewers care about. He is joined by guests to help him discuss issues that don’t seem to get much coverage in other parts of the media. Regular segments include Carlson calling out political correctness that goes too far and putting overblown social-media outrage in its place, all done in what the network calls “his signature style.”



  1. There is absolutely no way kids mowing lawns should be stopped from doing so. It is a wonderful learning experience. The lawn mowing business is trying to eliminate competition, but it was always there. Sanction the kids without licences and the cost to the aged will be prohibitive. The Business has a Mafia mentality and it is morally wrong. Very interested in knowing the result of that decision, Tucker.

  2. An excellent explaination & comments by Charles Krauthammer. Too much tolorance has been given in the past by this open and generous Society. I was born and educated in Europe, and know exactly what he is talking about. America, in my opinion is so absorbed with their own going on's, and had therefore not paid much attention to Europe and the way they think. America is so far geographically from Europe, was never invaded by anyone. European countries have invaded each other for centuries. America is so very different because it began with imigrants coming from all over the world . But now with the technology so advanced and develop, invantions with such speed, and no restrain of sorts. We have to protect ourselfs from being invaded. It is a completely different world we are living in now.

  3. The fact is that in their ideology the only way to assure salvation is to martyr yourself. Mother's send their children to their death in the hopes that they will put in a good word for the. Their ideology is supported by various scriptures that call for death to the infidel. The only way to stop this is to help them out of this cultish ideological death grip.

  4. Think about this. Try to imagine our Nation what our country will be like when these fascist students graduate and get in to the real world. And so many do not get hired. Imagine there out rage. They will physically attack the folks in human resources.

  5. If anyone takes the time to do some research in to how many kids a Muslim married couple have, you quickly come to see that the figure is between 8 to 10. I kid you not. The average European couple and UK couple have only 2. Ergo, they breed out the the host countries.

  6. Tucker, been following your work for a while and I appreciate your hard work (research) combined with your skill at conveying facts. Thanks for your dedication to truth.

  7. I would love to debate the guy rambling about the Assimilation. Look at Vancouver Canada, massive Chinatown, where the Chinese immigrants have kept their culture and not killed anyone……

  8. The gray suit guy with glass I think if they are just only thinking to stop lady posting via facebook from Jobs posting recruitment because he/she can not doing like this or they can not done them jobs as the are should they still can avaliable and suitable to be HR? And what are they doing for them recruitment job?

  9. I'm sick, and tired of the lefts victimization of evil groups that want you to join them, or else die. Then import a totalitarian ideology, Call it a religion, tell you that's it's your fault they don't assimilate, and do violent acts against you, and your fellow citizens, because you weren't nice to them, when Islams quest is world domination, and they have no constitutional grounds for being in America, much less any western type of democracy, for there's nothing democratic about the muslim ideology, as well as the socialist left which is the pathway to communism. If you don't believe me look up "Yuri Bezmenov". He explains the tactics of the left, and how the communists use them to take over a country, calling them useful idiots, and the consequences for the useful idiots. Good job Tucker!


  11. Tucker is great at finding the idiots who are at the heart of America's problems–like Dem strategists Tameez.  The man actually said that America offers a "hostile" environment for immigrants, making it difficult for them to assimiliate.  Then why in the world do they want to come here in the first place?It's no wonder such people gravitate toward the Dem party where people put two and two together and get three.  (How else would HRC, someone the FBI said was basically too stupid to know she was doing wrong with classified materials, get nominated for the top job in government?)Thank God Trump was elected.

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