Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/6/2017 | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday


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Full Show: Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/6/2017 | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday
Genre: News, Politics
Premise: Veteran political journalist Tucker Carlson hosts this nightly series that bears his name. Fox News describes the show as an “hour of spirited debate and powerful reporting,” with Carlson taking on issues that viewers care about. He is joined by guests to help him discuss issues that don’t seem to get much coverage in other parts of the media. Regular segments include Carlson calling out political correctness that goes too far and putting overblown social-media outrage in its place, all done in what the network calls “his signature style.”



  1. The black women sounds like a child, nothing more. An uptight child using tiresome rhetoric fed to her by white racist liberals (ironically) as if its factual. Joke. Liberals are the most racist, their goal is to group people, keep their minds fixated on race, and cause a hostile environment resulting in an more divided country. Who would have thought that after the civil rights movements the next generation of blacks would willingly segregate themselves. Amazing. On that note, this woman is sick, twisted, and a sorry excise of a human being.

  2. Did he just say the left wing lunatics name was Crystal ball? OMFG. She is reading from the script. Tell her to prove her accusations because she can't!!!!!

  3. She mentioned Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc saying that we don't celebrate Black people as a race but she totally forgot to mention that we celebrate Black History Month for an ENTIRE Month. Oh and don't forget Martin Luther King Day and we honor Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas AND my personal favorite bad ass, Denzel Washington. So, with all that "you don't have days for us" noise that this crazy lady is saying, in the words of Sweet Brown, I just have to say "Aint no body got time for that"

  4. NSA Gate key people: Marxist Reality Leigh Winner, Jew Glenn Greenwald,
    ebay founder Iranian Pierre Omidyar(hates America), Communist Jeremy
    Scahill, Lesbian Maoists Laura Poitras and Besty Reed

  5. Greetings from the u.k , I love watching Tucker's show he's a credit to the good people of America, and somehow had got me interested in American news.

  6. This black lady is filled with venom and derisive energy. Just like einstein said you can't have peace being kept by violence, physical or verbal. You have peace by understanding. She's so used to being applauded for sounding like an extreme freak in her echo chamber but she sounds like a fool to anyone outside of that.

  7. That black lady is a straight embarrassment to black people. This is why black movements never gain any traction, some nut job racists starts speaking for everyone and turns other people off to real issues. There are alot of non-black people involved with BLM and are needed for the movement and perspective….why the hell would you alienate them. She's a chariacture of the percived streotypical black woman – Loud, stupid, ugly, & racist

  8. made me wonder what BLM has planned in a month when she said she would be back.. more terroristic acts of race voilance? if so I hope they save and use the clip as proof of premeditation.

  9. america is in a deep political, cultural hole.this is exactly what ethnic diversity does,it rots your communities to the core,you american's are very close to imploding,your most trusted are selling out your country, yet somehow they become celebrities instead of criminals, then you have people such as the woman on this segment ,who should face criminal charges around racism,as should who ever printed any material banning other races from attending their get together,yet because the blm would riot no official will even think about challenging their clearly racist stance.

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