Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday


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Full Show: Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday
Genre: News, Politics
Premise: Veteran political journalist Tucker Carlson hosts this nightly series that bears his name. Fox News describes the show as an “hour of spirited debate and powerful reporting,” with Carlson taking on issues that viewers care about. He is joined by guests to help him discuss issues that don’t seem to get much coverage in other parts of the media. Regular segments include Carlson calling out political correctness that goes too far and putting overblown social-media outrage in its place, all done in what the network calls “his signature style.”



  1. Who need the big jewish SEVEN MM (mass media) when you can watch Tucker – he attacks by asking fairly & squarely – a rascal gets hurt, an honest man gets a grant

  2. Watching fox news and tucks show is a level of comedy that I find offensiving to the intelligence of anyone that veiws it. Its obvious to me that they have truly given up on trying to have diolougue that is based on reality and that has a foundation to it. Its a disgrace to republicans and to anyone that seeks to gain any insight to the truth or for that matter anything reality based. I do praise Shepard Smith, he is a true jounalist. I'm not sure what to call tuck. I can only hope that people in the near future stop destroying their brain cells as to hopefully spare themselves from spending more than a comedic minute watching this hacks show. tuck makes all other hacks look like Jesus Christ himself.

  3. Tucker you need to realize something you might not like President Trump tweeting but that's the only way he's going to get the truth out because there's too many media out there that do not want to do anything by getting the truth out they don't want to do that they're biased. So you've got the whole alphabet of new stations and commentariesthat want to lie and distort everything and the only way he can state his case honestly it's by tweeting and you need to realize that Mr. Carlson. And by him telling James Comey he need a loyalty why not he's the president? He is stating to James Comey if you were going to be the FBI director you have to be honest and loyal what's wrong with saying that I don't think there's anything wrong. Because you got to think about it like this James Comey very honest when he gave Hillary Clinton a pass for every wrongdoing she's done he gave her a pass so where is the loyalty on that? So Tucker before you make comments that you don't like presidents tweeting and you don't like him saying that he wanted loyalty maybe you should think about it first. I like you and I watch the your show. But I think you need to think about this no one wants President Trump to succeed they all want to see him fail. And if people are making negative comments about him and all the new stations and papers then maybe this is the only way he can come across telling the truth by tweeting. And why wouldn't he asked James Comey he needs loyalty he was very loyal when he did what he did with Hillary Clinton so what's wrong with asking for honest loyalty. I don't think you quite got it what the President meant.

  4. Sorry guys – have US gone full retardo? You should team up and start fixing your country – but hell no – you fight eachother.

  5. Obama got along fabulously with Merkel, the communist DDR authoritarian who has not adjusted to democracy. She unilaterally invited millions of migrants into Europe without a democratic mandate. Obama thinks there is nothing wrong with this because he is a socialist authoritarian himself who thinks the little are incapable of knowing what is good for them, so an elite group of world leaders should run their lives for them and tax them to death in very sneaky ways.

  6. If I were President Trump, I'd want to know if a Democrat, who had been loyal to the Clinton's and Öbãmå, was going to be loyal to MY Republican administration.

  7. 26:52 why would you sign an agreement with the world's largest polluter in the world (China)? Easy, because USA is the 2nd largest polluter, then you have the two largest polluters making a deal…it makes sense ir at least it sounds logical… shame on both

  8. the President dosen't need to get rid od Sessions he needs to get rid of Obamas man McCabe. Clean out the Obama appointments they are leakers and are undermining you.

  9. I don't understand why Carlson keeps having Swalwell on his show.  Swalwell is a clown and a moron.  Fundamentally not very bright, and impenetrably partisan.

  10. i live in so cal and i've never heard of this guy until tonight when he made a fool of himself…..news flash to bearman…..coal jobs are down because the obama administration and its claven of benighted yahoos, using misleading statistics, have demonized coal for the past decade and used draconian legislation to drumbeat it into submission, costing hundreds of thousands of jobs…..stop that and get rid of the torches and pitchforks and a good number of them will return over the next decade…..also tinheads like bearman don't take into account how many ancillary jobs have been lost from people who worked for railroads, machinery firms and scores other business entities that provided jobs — many of them union jobs — as a result of coal…..i'm sure bearman counted every possible job related to solar energy in his statistical analysis comparing "green" jobs with coal jobs…..i think those "green energy" job numbers numbers are inflated anyway…..by the way, ethan, it's good to see you have found steady work since you starred in "napoleon dynamite" back in '04…..looks like you haven't aged a day……

  11. Why doesn't someone arrest this asshole for being a Traitor and a Thief of American Funds.Obama undermines our President Trump. Someone tell this idiot he is not the President. Just another Muslim with his own ideology and not his own Country.

  12. with little to no evidence, and with concrete proof against you on numerous occasions (the latest in the form of Dump 7 Wikileaks who showed you tapping the french election)

  13. what about other peoples democracy? that's not sacred either all are or none are, you can't regime change left and right in the middle east, europe and all over the globe, and then have the auducity to cry wolf, how is no one making this argument?

  14. NSA Gate key people: Marxist Reality Leigh Winner, Jew Glenn Greenwald,
    ebay founder Iranian Pierre Omidyar(hates America), Communist Jeremy
    Scahill, Lesbian Maoists Laura Poitras and Besty Reed

  15. sorry we fo not want the bullshit in europe and wont have it we have guns unlike europe and pretty sure military will support tje people not the refugees and antifa douches

  16. odama suppressing media you wiretapped them and lets list the other things once again democraps are the ones who bring up race all the different tribes aka lgbt , Islam, mexican, black, what everid politics they can exploit, what is wrong with america first

  17. We in Idaho would appreciate it if California would keep their crazy ideas in California…. please only come if you have common sense and don't want to turn Idaho into California-lite.

  18. Comey is Lying subhuman demokkkRAT RATTLESNAKE TRAITOR !!!!!!!And will do NOTHING BUT CONTINUE TO LIE and OBFUSCATE period !!!!!!!!!!! This is FAR FAR FAR WORSE than Watergate because of the LYING CORRUPT DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-AMERICA GLOBALIST MARXIST TRAITOROUS RATTLESNAKE demokkkRATS on a WITCH HUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President Trump HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The donkey ASSES in the demokkkRATS and their fellow LYING DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-AMERICA GLOBALIST MARXIST OBSTRUCTIONIST TRAITOROUS RATTLESNAKE demokkkRAT FALSE FAKE MSM, likewise EVIL TOILET TROLL SNOWFLAKES and FAKE CRYBABY LOSERS LAWLESS street thugs, social media trolls are the ones making this so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT President Trump or any family members or staff, cabinet people, etc. The OBSTRUCTIONIST LYING FAKE/FALSE TRAITOROUS RATTLESNAKE MSM/demokkkrats are the ones who keep this LYING BULL CRAP up and with NO COLLUSION WITH Russia period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President Trump had the right as President to have whoever he so chose to be as FBI director or the AG ( Mr. Jeff Sessions) or anyone else to serve at his behest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He did NOTHING WRONG in FIRING the demokkkRAT RATTLESNAKE LYING DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-AMERICA MARXIST GLOBALIST OBSTRUCTIONIST TRAITOROUS Comey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also did NOTHING WRONG if he soaked ( a big if ) Comey if he was loyal or could be loyal period. NOTHING WRONG in asking that of anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His constitutional right to do so in FIRING Comey !!!!! EVIL tribal politics is totally INSANE, WRONG and AGAINST the U.S. Constitution period…TRAITOROUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVIL LYING CORRUPT DESTRUCTIVE OBSTRUCTIONIST Anti-America MARXIST GLOBALIST TRAITOROUS demokkkRAT RATTLESNAKE Obozo CONTINUES TO SAY NOTHING BUT his ANTI-AMERICA and EVIL TRAITOROUS pro EVIL Muslim GLOBALIST BULL CRAP and BLAME President Trump and everyone or thing for his TRAITOROUS INSANE CRYBABY actions !!!!!!!!!!!!! He DID NOTHING BUT LIE, OBSTRUCT and DO ANYTHING TO DESTROY America, the U.S.. Constitution and our society with flooding MILLIONS of UNVETTED EVIL Muslims and ILLEGALS into America !!!!!!!! The TRAITOROUS deals with evil Muslim Iran, the EVIL TRAITOROUS uranium deal with Russia the CORRUPT DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-AMERICA TRAITOROUS e-mail/CORRUPT Clinton Foundation CRAP and Benghazi alone !!!!!!!!EVIL vile Anti-America MARXIST GLOBALIST demokkkRAT RATTLESNAKE TRAITOROUS Obozo is the one that is running the TRAITOROUS DEEP STATE with ALL the LEAKS, OBSTRUCTION and these EVIL LYING CORRUPT Anti-Constitution demokkkRAT PROPAGANDIST judges…with this DESTROY OUR FIRST AMENDMENT GUN RIGHTS EVIL BULL CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course this LYING DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-AMERICA GLOBALIST MARXIST TRAITOROUS RATTLESNAKE judge was a EVIL Obozo appointee who of course is AGAINST the U.S. Constitution and our FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The EVIL LAWLESS TRAITOROUS RATTLESNAKE demokkkRATS WILL NEVER STOP TRYING TO DESTROY the U.S. Constitution, our FREEDOM, our Sovereignty, our society and President Trump/his family and Presidency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The TRAITORS and DEEP STATE ENEMIES WITHIN America and their EVIL Muslim/ILLEGALS, FAKE MSM/ LAWLESS street thugs too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of them right from the pits of HELL itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Founding Fathers thought they had TRAITORS then. At least then they were dealt with and shot for being TRAITORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now these demokkkRAT RATTLESNAKE TRAITORS are given a pass and a pat on the back to turn around and continue to do so again and again…the TRAITOROUS Clintons, Obozos, Holder, Kerry, Lynch, Griffin, Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Judd, Green, Waters, McCain, Graham, Ryan, other liberal so called Republicans, Muslims, ILLEGALS and RATTLESNAKE LYING DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-AMERICA DESTRUCTIVE OBSTRUCTIONIST ESTABLISHMENT MARXIST GLOBALIST TRAITOROUS demokkkRATS in general across America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With California, New York, Washington State, Oregon Connecticut, Virginia and VERY CORRUPT Washington D.C. being the WORSE of the lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad that HALF of America is so TRAITOROUS to this great nation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUE TO their EVIL and political correctness LIES/LYING MARXIST PROPAGANDA from the pits of HELL itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Couric and NBC have already been completely discredited as a news organization, and anybody with a brain knows they are liberal propaganda and a pro-Democratic organization attempting to place liberal Democrats in office by lying to the public. NBC is disgusting propaganda, not news.

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