Unwanted Thoughts: The Dangers Of ‘Pure O’


There are fears that some people with a little known form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – or OCD – are being wrongly diagnosed as a danger to children.

Pure O – as it’s known – is a condition where people have unwanted thoughts often about extreme violence or sexual abuse – but have no intention of acting on them.
Sky’s Alex Morgan reports.

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  1. My cycle started after an event 7 years ago.

    Intrusive though – action – guilt – anxiety – depression – self harm – depression
    Intrusive though – action – guilt – anxiety – depression – self harm – depression

    Again and again and again

  2. honestly, with the first girl, I relate so much to her. it's amazing how there's finally a term for how im feeling. Although I haven't been officially diagnosed, my therapist does think I have it

  3. My 10 year old developed Pure O OCD about 1 year ago. He had such terrible anxiety and was terrified of being alone. He had self harm thoughts and thoughts of hurting others. He had a breakdown at school when I was out of town travelling for work. I finally found a therapist who specializes in OCD therapy. After 4 months of weekly therapy and another 2 months of bi weekly (cognitive and ERP combined) we saw MAJOR improvement. He will never be cured as OCD is lifelong but he has developed skills to cope and the thoughts have lessened to the point where he rarely has obessive scary thoughts now. He still has anxiety but just started taking NAC supplements and he is almost back to his normal self before OCD robbed him of a normal life. There is hope. As a mom it broke my heart to see my 9 year old at the time in a personal hell. I spent countless hours researching and my husband and I attended his weekly meetings and diligently did the homework his therapist assigned. Do not give up hope.

  4. I almost stabbed my mom once. She was cooking dinner and I was standing right behind her ready with a knife. If my brother hadn't entered the kitchen at that time, it would've happened. He didn't notice though. Neither did she.

  5. My daily life story.I didn't knew it was ocd.Two years of struggle now.I had hocd,rocd and main so ocd.I hate my life.Why did I born with this mental disorder?Torture eveyday

  6. Now i need to move on from this video and understand I'm not alone or I can re watch for reassurance (rumination) which is a no no.

  7. I have pure O, I only really tell people close to me but I tell them I have OCD and intrusive thoughts and not that they are sexual. I fear getting help because if I do they will talk to my mom about it all and I don't want her to find out that I have these thoughts because I have had habits in the past that were sexual based and I don't want her to find out because I have been working really hard for the past year to change it all. and it's just one big nightmare. I don't know how I am going to get secret help and I often feel caged I just really want help but when I tell people I can't get it and I don't explain why, they think I'm faking that I have a problem and it makes me so sad. Does anyone know how I can get help from a professional without everyone knowing? 🙁

  8. I assure everybody today soon going to find cure for pure-o ocd and sexual intrusive thoughts so that like me anyone cannot suffer from these avalanche of ridiculous thoughts and live their life.Magic pill is soon coming ur way dont worry ..🙌🙌🙋🙋

  9. I always knew I had OCD and anxiety, but I was just diagnosed with this. The worst part is I never even realized that anything was wrong until recently when I became obsessed with the thought that I might be transgender. I couldn't sleep, focus at school/work, or enjoy any of my usual hobbies because I was spending all my time researching the causes and symptoms of gender dysphoria (which only made it worse). It got to the point where I felt like my "essence" just sort of left me and I was just coasting through life like a movie. It took me two months before I finally went to see a psychologist.

    Before that I used to have all sorts of milder obsessions which I just wrote off as general anxiety. Looking back on it, a lot of them were really messing with my life in big ways. There is definitely not enough awareness about this.

  10. people simply cant imagine how awful this is.
    sometimes. Even though im happily committed to my gf, sometimes the ocd pops images of homosexual things into my head and it racks me with guilt even though ive done nothing wrong. I hate it. I want it GONE. Gone forever.

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