#USelection2016: How the night unfolded and Donald Trump won


Didn’t stay up for the US election 2016? Here’s how the night unfolded and Donald Trump became the US President elect.

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  1. Loved that income graph near the start of the clip. Talk about your so-called "white privilege"! The MORE privileged a white person was, the LESS likely he or she was to vote for Trump. Hillary was the Plantation Candidate. She got the votes of most of the Planters and most all of their field workers and house pets.

  2. The reason why the income levels matter is because for the past decade OBAMA has been pursuing policies which put people out of good jobs and into jobs at McDonalds.
    People are MAD.

  3. I voted Trump, and proud to do so.  Clintons lie, cheat, steal,  and oh by the way $20,000,000,000,000.00 (that is trillion for the low information voters).  I put up with 8 years of lies from Obama. Did I riot? no.  Now cry baby's, rioting.

  4. the problem is that both of them only got where they were because they had money. trump only worked as a business man, why should he have a chance. also when he gets to choose his advisers. i believe he will choose his CEO's of his business. if i was trump i would have no idea hat to o apart from having the thoughts of building a giant wall and nuking a county.i sound bad but tba its so true

  5. Why are people so dumb to vote for him and to to pick Donald and Hilary for a president,they could have gotten better people. There is so many good people in this world but they decided Hilary and Donald trump.


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