Volcano alert hits Bali’s tourism


People in the Indonesian island of Bali are spending their sixth day on the highest possible volcano alert, as Mount Agung threatens to erupt.
The volcano is spurting smoke and ash and the intensity of tremors is increasing, according to seismologists.
More than 75,0000 people have been evacuated from a 12km exclusion zone. There are also major concerns about the effect on tourism, Bali’s largest and most lucrative industry.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from one of Bali’s main resorts.

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  1. Three volcano eruptions having potential to erupt across the globe in vulnerable countries have been reported in news media on or around 23 September 2017 , proving this Vedic astrology writer’s alert of 16 May 2017 accurate in article – “ Is Word War III around the corner ?” – published in summer ( April- June) 2017 issue of The Astrologer’s Notebook from North Port , Florida. One volcano is at Bali in Indonesia , the other is in Vanuatu and the third is near Mexico city. This writer had alerted that during August- September 2017 which could enlarge its impact to 10 October 2017 ( while 25 September to 2 October could be of major concern or focus) , an environment of “ helplessness” would grow on global scene while earthquakes , hurricanes – storms , and volcano eruptions across the globe in vulnerable countries may be the cause of untold worries and devastation. The intent was to alert the people in vulnerable countries across the globe to take prior recourse to more care and appropriate strategy within human reach so as to face the likely disasters.

  2. And to think, I was planing to buy a ticket and schedule a 30 day stay at Amed Beach for October/November, good thing I waited… dodged that bullet whew!

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